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But what if they lose?

Social Circle: Does the outcome of games affect your mood?

The "Social Circle" is a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

It's football season and for some fans the outcome of their favorite team's games affects their mood for the rest of the day or even into the next. Other fans are not as affected and non fans, of course, don't care at all.

This week asked the Social Circle if the outcome of sporting events affected their moods and here is what they said. Chime in with your thoughts via the Talkback feature.

Greg Clapp: "Depends on how the team loses. If it's a blow-out it doesn't bother me as much. When it's a game my team should win, say they are up 31-14, it bothers me for a couple days."

Jerod Dee: "Billy Bragg had a humorous reaction at the show on Tuesday. He asked, 'Who doesn't like to get dressed up on a Sunday in tight pants and shoulder pads?'"

Tom Held: "It does affect me, but for a short time. After the Packers loss on Sunday I vented some frustration on the weeds in the yard."

Tim Johnson: "I'm upset for about 3.64 seconds. It's just a sporting event. After that, I think about service members in the armed forces. It's different if they lose a 'game.'"

Shelly La Londe: "Nope, not even a little bit."

Steve Pittsley: "The results for my fantasy team affect me more than my favorite 'real' teams."

Clive Promhows: "It means one more day closer to the end of the season and for that it makes me happy."

Margaret Rozga: "One year I was living in Oregon, watching the Packers in a playoff game at the casino. When the Packers lost, I wanted to avoid feeling like a loser all off-season, so I found a nickel slot machine and played until I was ahead 35 cents. There! I could go into the off-season a winner."

Renee Scherck-Meyer: "I feel sad when my son's high school football team loses. I am a Packer fan and when they lose I am not happy, but that unhappiness quickly fades. Particularly if there is good food and beer close by."

Lucky Tomaszek: "I get pretty wrapped up in while I'm watching the game. If we win, I carry that over afterwards, and experience happiness in talking about it the next day. If we lose, I'm frustrated in the moment, and then I'm on to the next thing. I have a busy life. If something like football isn't making me happy, it's not worth following."

Patty Zastrow-Jankowski: "Not me, I always try to cheer everyone up and say, 'Well, it was a good game...' but my husband, on the other hand, it makes or breaks him. He will mope and sulk the rest of the day if we lose. And that makes me not happy, so I guess it DOES affect me."

Adam Zelmer: "I was at Doors Open this past weekend and missed the game. I made it thru the day without knowing the score or the winner. On the drive home I could tell the Packers lost just by the way people were driving. Not only the drunk drivers, but the amount of arguments and road rage between drivers. I'm a passionate Packers fan but put family first last Sunday. Fairly shocked at the amount of idiots who get angry about a loss."

Sarah Zubarik: "I might get a little down after the game, but I don't let it ruin my week. I just look forward to the next game optimistically."


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