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Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee

Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee

Fro Zone, the first restaurant of its kind to offer these Thai-inspired ice cream rolls in Milwaukee opened its doors on June 1. Since then, the line has been consistently out of the door. Fro Zone gets its name from a Disney "Incredibles" character with freezing abilities.The trend has been all over Instagram and Facebook [...] The post Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Why we dine where we do
One factor overrides all others when you're deciding where to dine: convenience. So, make a list, check it twice and bust out of your Milwaukee dining comfort zone.
Baked Alaska
It doesn't get much more old-school than Baked Alaska. And, to the best of our knowledge, very few places in Milwaukee still serve it. One place that does, however, is the very retro supper club that is The Packing House.
Adam Pawlak / Black Sheep
For Chef Adam Pawlak of Black Sheep and The Love Shack, tattoos have become a record of his experiences. "Over the years, tattoos have really become a way for me to keep telling my story," he says, "Whether it's my story in food or the more personal side of my life."
Burke's Building Brave
After losing to Gov. Scott Walker in 2014, Mary Burke focused her attention on a new passion: Building Brave, an organization that focuses on the advancement of women. 88Nine Radio Milwaukee will host a Building Brave event on Wednesday, Oct. 25 and tickets are still available.