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Untold Success Stories Behind UW-Milwaukee

Untold Success Stories Behind UW-Milwaukee's Black Graduation Rate

The hustle and bustle of the UW - Milwaukee Student Union did nothing to distract Miela Fetaw from her passionate recounting of the experiences she has faced as an African-American woman, journalist and student at UWM. Fetaw, a senior double majoring in Journalism and Global Studies, has been working toward her degree since 2014. She [...] The post Untold Success Stories Behind UW-Milwaukee's Black Graduation Rate appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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MU's Varsity Theater
Surely, too many of Milwaukee's grand old movie houses are gone. But there are also a few that survive that many of us rarely notice. One of them is the gorgeous Art Deco Varsity Theater, 1326 W. Wisconsin Ave., now more formally known as Marquette's Holthusen Hall.
Historical Society show
With five decades of stories to tell, Summerfest can't do it all in a single exhibition. So, there will be three. One of them - "Summerfest 50 Exhibit" - is on view at Milwaukee County Historical Society, 930 N. Old World 3rd St.
The 2000s
If Bo Black was a big part of the story of Summerfest in the 1980s and `90s, her departure was one of the early landmarks of the first decade of the new millennium. The other was the arrival of new director Don Smiley and his dedication to improving the Big Gig's home.
Neighborhood churches
In this occasional series that looks at some often unheralded gems of local architecture and history, we turn our eyes toward some small neighborhood churches around the city.