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Intergenerational Care Benefits Milwaukee Kids and Seniors

Intergenerational Care Benefits Milwaukee Kids and Seniors

The large dim-lit atrium was filled with young and elderly clients, employees and the live entertainer for that day, Mr. Pickles. Mr. Pickles stood before the crowd in his green pants and neatly crafted, white double-buttoned shirt with a huge green pickle pasted on the upper right. As always, he was accompanied by his karaoke [...] The post Intergenerational Care Benefits Milwaukee Kids and Seniors appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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MU's Varsity Theater
Surely, too many of Milwaukee's grand old movie houses are gone. But there are also a few that survive that many of us rarely notice. One of them is the gorgeous Art Deco Varsity Theater, 1326 W. Wisconsin Ave., now more formally known as Marquette's Holthusen Hall.
Summerfest Picks
Here are the Summerfest acts that OnMilwaukee intern Nate Proell plans on seeing. Check them out!
Summerfest by genre
With over 800 acts in 11 days picking an act to see on any given night of Summerfest may seem overwhelming. So to assist in your picking here is a breakdown of most of the Summerfest headliners by musical taste.
Charlie from Camino
Charlie Chaparas left a 14-year career to work at Camino, 434 S. 2nd St., as a bartender and he couldn't be more satisfied with his decision. OnMilwaukee recently stopped in with Chaparas and talked beer, Thailand and (dun dun dun!) the future.