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26. Sign me up: Camp Halcyon, aka summer camp for adults
Summer camp may be just a fond, faded memory in your head -- nostalgic and missed. But a new camp aims to bring that fantastic feeling back just for you -- as an adult!
27. New Milwaukee tourism numbers show increases in 2015
According to numbers released this morning by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, 2015 showed gains in tourism revenue for the Greater Milwaukee area.
28. Lake Express Ferry begins service season on April 29
The Lake Express Ferry is launching its 13th season of service on Friday, April 29, providing modern high-speed ferry service from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Mich.
29. Lake Express collects bikes in exchange for ferry tickets
Last year, Lake Express - the ferry that runs between Milwaukee and Muskegon, Mich. - collected over 700 donated bicycles in exchange for tickets on the ferry. This Friday, they'll be at it again, accepting used bike donations for trips across the lake.
30. 5 reasons Milwaukee's excited about The Kimpton Journeyman
A number of new hotels are on the horizon for Milwaukee, but the new Kimpton property -- the first in town -- is among the most anticipated. The Journeyman, on the corner of Broadway and Chicago, should be open by late June. Here are some features attracting the most attention.
31. Times' Frugal Traveler features Milwaukee
"Cheap drinks, Midwestern soul food and a sensibility that incorporates equal parts worldliness with small-town friendliness." This is how a new New York Times' Frugal Traveler feature on Milwaukee ends. Quite fitting, I'd say.
32. Brushing up on hometown hotels
During last year's Hotel Week, I mentioned that I could tell you more from experience about Chicago hotels than I could about Milwaukee ones, because, well, I live here and so I've very rarely experienced a Brew City hotel. That's changing.
33. Atlas Obscura looks at quirky Milwaukee
I'm a big fan of Atlas Obscura, a website that calls itself "the definitive guide to the world's wondrous and curious places." And it does a good job. Yesterday, it took a look at Milwaukee and its 12 quirky treasures.
34. Milwaukee ranks in Lonely Planet's "Best of the U.S." for 2016
Travel media company Lonely Planet recently unveiled its sixth annual "Best in the U.S." list, a ranking of the 10 most exciting, intriguing and up-and-coming destinations to visit in the upcoming year, and Milwaukee made the list.
35. The Donald and the rest are all wrong. This is what's wrong with America!
In the heat of this political season we get lots of candidates talking about what's wrong with America. You name it, someone thinks it's the cause of all that is bad in our country. They are all wrong
36. Is a giant egg about to hatch in Red Arrow Park?
If you get Downtown regularly, you've likely already spotted the giant egg sitting atop a crate in Red Arrow Park, near the corner of Kilbourn and Water. Is it about to hatch? We asked the experts at Milwaukee Public Museum.
37. Milwaukee is a "hot travel destination" for 2016
The Boston Globe has published its list of hot travel destinations for 2016. Titled "From Maine to Cuba, the hot places for travel in 2016," travel writer Christopher Muther toasts ten trips, including on to Milwaukee.
38. 7 great Milwaukee Cream City brick buildings
Milwaukee is the home and eponym of Cream City brick, much of it made right in the Menomonee Valley near Downtown. Here is a quick tour of some fine examples of a variety of Brew City building types executed in Cream City brick.
39. Las Vegas, Wisconsin
I went to Vegas with a plan, and that plan was to have no plan. I came here to get away from work, not to do more of it, like I usually do on "vacation." But that wasn't in the cards, for three reasons.
40. A free week of admission at the Zoo
From Saturday, Dec. 26 through Thursday, Dec. 31, the Milwaukee County Zoo is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. And, it's free - free parking, too - thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Gifts to the Community series.
41. Fear and Luggage in Australia
I have allowed Fear to unrightfully direct some major decisions that greatly altered the course of my life. So I decided to dig in.
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42. Among the updates at Discovery World: newfound gallery space
There are a number of changes under way at Discovery World on the lakefront, including newfound exhibition space, an existing exhibit that is ballooning and changes for the Lubar Theater.
43. Several new Downtown hotels are on the rise
The hotel scene in Downtown Milwaukee, like nearly everything, is changing quickly. Here's a short list of what's up next in greater Downtown. Which ones are you most looking forward to? Chime in and check in.
44. 5 great Chicago hotels
I look for any excuse to stay in the Windy City - with my wife, with the whole family and sometimes with one kid at a time. Over the years, we've experienced quite a few hotels. Here are 5 of the best.
45. 5 annoying things about hotel rooms and how to fix them
There are always little things that keep you from reaching basic hotel room nirvana; but some are easy to fix. Here are five of the most common hotel complaints, along with suggestions to fix them.
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46. 9 late October photos to evoke a fall feeling
These photos are choice selections from my collection that suggest a fall feeling of sorts. Enjoy the season before the snow hits!
47. Condé Nast readers love The Iron Horse Hotel too
Milwaukee's Iron Horse Hotel scores a top ranking among Condé Nast readers.
48. Wisconsin's most Instagrammed spot is ...
According to, a travel company, Rock Island State Park in Door County is the most Instagrammed place in Wisconsin. I call B.S.
49. Video: A Lake Express Ferry journey
Our first stop on a long road trip east? A 15-minute drive to Bay View to board the Lake Express Ferry. The two-and-half-hour trip not only saved us navigating Chicago on a Friday morning, but was also great fun in itself. And there's definitely something to be said for arriving in Michigan ready to go with a full tank of gas.
50. UEC arch photo earns top prize in #MKEarches contest
Recently, I encouraged you to submit photos of Milwaukee arches via social media for a contest to win a prize package from Historic Milwaukee Inc. I'm pleased to report that after consulting with Stacy Swadish, executive director of Historic Milwaukee, we have a winner.