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Steve Kabelowsky

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Media is bombarding us everywhere.

Instead of sheltering his brain from the onslaught, Steve embraces the news stories, entertainment, billboards, blogs, talk shows and everything in between.

The former writer, editor and producer in TV, radio, Web and newspapers, will be talking about what media does in our community and how it shapes who we are and what we do.

Recent Articles
 Movies & TV - September 28, 2015
 Former FOX 6 sports reporter Jen Lada launches national ESPN radio show
 Starting tonight at 8 p.m. locally, Lada is launching a new national radio show on ESPN radio called "Jorge & Jen," co-hosted by Jorge Sedano.
 Movies & TV - September 22, 2015
 Animated "Star Wars" DVDs help build excitement for "The Force Awakens"
 We have to wait several more months before "The Force Awakens" unleashes itself upon the world, likely nabbing pretty much every box office record in the galaxy in the process. In the meantime, there's plenty of "Star Wars" related home entertainment - "LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles" and season one of "Star Wars Rebels" - to keep our spare time engrossed in the universe.
 Movies & TV - September 22, 2015
 Time Warner Cable creates channel to follow Pope's visit to the U.S.
 As Pope Francis travels in the U.S., Time Warner Cable has launched a special cable channel to air more of the global church leader's events this week.
 Movies & TV - August 20, 2015
 A double dose of Disney on DVD with "Descendants," shorts collection
 A duo of Disney DVDs - "Descendants" and "Animation Studios Shorts Collection" - find the studio satisfyingly digging up old traditions and characters, and dressing them up in some fun, new ways.
 Music - August 20, 2015
 The fight rages on for digital music rights
 There's plenty right with the music made before 1972, but there's a lot wrong with the rights of music from that time, as multiple court cases involving music rights have become news.
 Movies & TV - August 3, 2015
 Siegrist's new doc reports on "Milwaukee's Diamonds in the Rough"
 Mark Siegrist may have found some gems among the baseball diamonds in Milwaukee, but his "Milwaukee's Diamonds in the Rough" digs into the motivation of why two leagues have been serving our neighborhoods.
 Movies & TV - July 26, 2015
 "Teen Beach 2" delights in its campiness
 When the original Disney Channel film "Teen Beach Movie," did well for the cable outlet, the young singing stars were bound for a sequel with all of the dance numbers and songs you'd expect from a production aimed at pre-teens. When "Teen Beach 2" aired in June, it brought in 13.5 million viewers. Now, it is available on DVD.
 Movies & TV - July 20, 2015
 Sports talker Steve Haywood dead at 49
 Steve Haywood of WAUK-AM 540 ESPN knew how to stir the pot, and his passion for Milwaukee and its teams was well-known in sports circles. Haywood passed away from heart failure early Sunday morning. He was 49.
 Movies & TV - July 13, 2015
 In the movie theater, film is dead
 The picture we've come to know from movies no longer reflect the vulnerability that film has. And as technology has advanced, so too have Marcus Theatres.
 Movies & TV - July 10, 2015
 Krause, Adrian and others enter the Silver Circle
 The Silver Circle was created by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the same academy that people thank when they get an Emmy award) to have special recognition for people in the media who have had an impact on a community. In Wisconsin, six people will be inducted this year into the circle.

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