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Steve Kabelowsky

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Media is bombarding us everywhere.

Instead of sheltering his brain from the onslaught, Steve embraces the news stories, entertainment, billboards, blogs, talk shows and everything in between.

The former writer, editor and producer in TV, radio, Web and newspapers, will be talking about what media does in our community and how it shapes who we are and what we do.

Recent Articles
 Movies & TV - January 30, 2015
 Family Fest builds connection with local TV stations
 CW 18 (WVTV-TV) and My 24 (WCGV-TV) will head back to Southridge Mall for its latest edition of Family Fest.
 Movies & TV - January 28, 2015
 Conversation: A chat with WITI's Ted Perry
 The story tellers don't just repeat what happened. The reporters, producers, editors, video and photo journalists, engineers, managers and directors ... they all have had a hand in what is shaped before it is delivered. Ted Perry is one of those people.
 Movies & TV - January 26, 2015
 Holiday music, station awareness push WRIT to the top
 WRIT-FM 95.7 had double its regular audience for switching over to holiday music.
 Movies & TV - January 23, 2015
 Stories uncovered on "Strange Inheritance"
 It is that feeling of excitement and uncertainty that Fox Business Network wants to tap into and share with a prime-time viewing audience. "Strange Inheritance," the new reality series hosted by Jamie Colby, will kick off at 8 p.m. on Monday. The series will take a look at real-life stories of unconventional inheritances.
 Movies & TV - January 21, 2015
 Event can send youth on a better path
 Time Warner Cable, a Winterfest sponsor, and will add an educational element to the event by demonstrating how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) principles make activities like sledding possible.
 Movies & TV - January 19, 2015
 Stations wide and far expected to cover State of the Union
 Tuesday night won't be different than what it was in the past. Stations will cover each moment of Obama's perspective on where the nation is and where it is going.
 Movies & TV - January 16, 2015
 Waukesha firm lights up Sunday's Packers-Seahawks game
 When a TV production calls asking to "bling things up," well, more often than not productions fall into the camp of more is more. That case seems to hold true for Blizzard Lighting, the Waukesha-based firm that will be lighting up the pregame and halftime set for Fox at Sunday's NFC Championship football game on Sunday in Seattle.
 Movies & TV - January 14, 2015
 A positive challenge offered to 94.5's "No to Seattle" stunt
 Until Monday, 94.5 The Lake will sideline bands from Seattle. Here's my challenge: Should the Packers win - and even if they don't - take a positive and proactive step to "Say Yes to Wisconsin."
 Movies & TV - January 12, 2015
 Viewers track terror on Fox, CNN
 Terrorism is what it is - an event that causes fear and the terror that comes with knowing how vulnerable we really are to similar acts claiming more lives in the future. When national and international news outlets cover these attacks, it shows their programming nature.
 Movies & TV - January 9, 2015
 Is this fracking unbelievable?
 Al Jazeera's Emmy Award-winning "Fault Lines" presents "Death on the Bakken Shale" at 8 p.m. on Monday night. The show will look at the practice of fracking, which is being considered in parts of the country, including Wisconsin.

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