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Dave Begel

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With a history in Milwaukee stretching back decades, Dave tries to bring a unique perspective to his writing, whether it's sports, politics, theater or any other issue.

He's seen Milwaukee grow, suffer pangs of growth, strive for success and has been involved in many efforts to both shape and re-shape the city. He's a happy man, now that he's quit playing golf, and enjoys music, his children and grandchildren and the myriad of sports in this state. He loves great food and hates bullies and people who think they are smarter than everyone else.

This whole Internet thing continues to baffle him, but he's willing to play the game as long as keeps lending him a helping hand. He is constantly amazed that just a few dedicated people can provide so much news and information to a hungry public.

Despite some opinions to the contrary, Dave likes most stuff. But he is a skeptic who constantly wonders about the world around him. So many questions, so few answers.

Recent Articles
 Arts & Entertainment - October 25, 2016
 A Santa's bag full of fascinating productions to fill Milwaukee stages
 In the world of theater in Milwaukee, the holiday offerings typically start in early November and run through the new year. This year there is a Santa bag full of interesting productions scheduled for the holidays. There are some wonderful productions in store.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 23, 2016
 Renaissance's "The Drowning Girls" tells an impeccable tale of dangerous love
 Three women, all dressed in bridal gowns, each tell a tale of how that turn-of-the-century bathtub, filled with water, became a dastardly end for the brides shortly after their magical weddings. That's "The Drowning Girls" at Renaissance Theaterworks.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 21, 2016
 Opening act steals thunder from feature in Ballet's strong start to season
 "Scheherazade" was the feature when Milwaukee Ballet opened its season Thursday night, but it was the opening act - "Angels in the Architecture" by Mark Godden - that stole the show, proving how exciting and thrilling this company can be.
 Buzz - October 20, 2016
 Clarke's "pitchforks and torches" comments could make recall a reality
 For many Milwaukeeans, Sheriff Clarke's recent comments have only made him more of a national and international embarrassment to the city. Perhaps the answer is a recall election - which requires only 13% of the adults in the county sign a petition.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 18, 2016
 First Stage's formula for excellence and a "Book of Mormon" ticket lottery
 Sometimes it can be difficult to fully understand how magnificent First Stage is in the theatrical firmament, not just in Milwaukee, but across the country as well. Take a look at "Goosebumps," which opened over the weekend, to see how they do it every time.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 16, 2016
 First Stage's "Goosebumps" conjures a fabulously frightful night for families
 It's not always the case that a play lives up to either its title or its billing, but First Stage, as you might expect, does just that with "Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium: The Musical," which opened over the weekend.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 13, 2016
 Contrasting one-acts on tap for season opener from Milwaukee Ballet
 The Milwaukee Ballet opens its season Oct. 20 with two one-act programs that are as different as night and day. "Angels in the Architecture" is about the Shaker religion, while "Scheherazade" is filled with romance, intrigue and spectacular costumes.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 12, 2016
 Hilarious tale of twisted Disney princesses enchants at Marcus Center
 Disney princesses are revered in the world of storybook tales, films, books and theme parks. "Disenchanted," the musical review running at the Marcus Center, turns those princesses around with a musical of riotous humor about how ridiculous they can be.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 11, 2016
 I made a mistake in a review of "Dracula vs. the Nazis" and I was called on it
 I made a mistake and I'm sorry. In my review of "Dracula vs. the Nazis," which opened Friday night at In Tandem Theatre, I identified a couple that slept through much of the show. Naming the couple who invited them was out of bounds.
 Arts & Entertainment - October 8, 2016
 "Dracula vs. the Nazis" is the most unfunny comedy on MKE stages in years
 How bad was it? This bad. A couple who were the invited guests of the couple that sponsored the play, slept through giant chunks of the play. That's the low point of "Dracula vs. the Nazis" that opened at In Tandem Theatre Friday night.

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