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Shank Hall [edit]
1434 N. Farwell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 276-7288
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Description [edit]
There's nothing incredibly sexy about Shank Hall. It's not the biggest music venue in the city (but its capacity of 300 is great for that up-close and personal concert feeling), but it is one of the best places to see a show. No bright lights and glitter on the outside of this place, but Shank Hall always pulls in great national acts, as well as Milwaukee regulars like Pat McCurdy and Paul Cebar.
Upcoming events

May 2, 2015
Mojo Perry at Shank Hall May 2nd!

Doors open at 7pm for a meet and greet before the show starts at 8:00pm May 2nd at Shank Hall will be Mo Jo Perry's Birthday Concert!! Want to know how old he is? Want to celebrate and hear BRAND NEW MUSIC and catch a very RARE Mojo solo acoustic show??? THIS IS THE NIGHT TO SEE MOJO PERRY AND HIS BAND PLAY!! : Yes there will be....... Mojo and the boys will be taking the stage at Shank Hall on May 2nd for a very special evening of music!! This is going to be an exciting show!! Mojo will be starting the show off with a solo acoustic performance that will transition to a full band concert!! WOW!!! : Songs Performed from... Acoustic performances are a rare event with Mojo Perry even though they are highly requested. For whatever reason he just doesn't do acoustic concerts but on May 2nd this all changes!! A whole new format, sound, and vibe is currently flowing from the Mojo Perry Band. Bassist Chuck Hubbell and Drummer Brother Joe have embraced Mojo's new direction and the end result is WOW!!! : Their BRAND NEW ALBUM... The elusive Artist had a hard year in 2014 facing epic medical situations that forced him to take several steps back and put his guitar down. Serious in nature, Mojo took on the procedures with great strength and positive mental attitude and came out on the other side all healed up and ready to wail. May 2nd will be Mojo Perry's very first full band concert of 2015!! But, it most certainly wont be the last! The MPB schedule is filling out quite nicely!! : That is set for release sometime in 2015.... Don't feel bad for Mojo though... All that Hospital time forced him to re-connect with his acoustic guitar. Hours and hours he spent writing, playing, and singing while he went through all of his Medical treatments. The end result was that the deep bond and connection he has with his guitar became even more special. His songwriting and his Art behind it all helped forge an amazing reinvention of his style, sound, and vibe! A magical transformation obviously took place and you don't want to miss this very special evening of music! : The CD is titled "Radio Flyer" and it's... Mojo Perry has never looked or sounded better! It is clear and without any doubt that he has undergone a major transformation, not just musically but personally as well. : VERY COOL and VIBEY!! Those of you who have caught the MPB at Shank Hall in the past all know just how special their concerts are at Shank. It's because of the special bond Mojo has with the venue and the spirit, vibe, and connection of all the amazing Artists who have performed there in the past. Something just happens with Mojo and the boys and the stars align, the Universe calls out, and BOOM!!! The MPB just explodes with their raw, cool, sound, style, and vibe!! : So, come and hear "Radio Flyer" live... You most definitely want to stop in and say Happy Birthday to Mojo and catch this wonderful night of Singer Songwriter Psychedelic Blues with the style and sound that only the MPB can deliver!! : On May 2nd at Shank Hall... Doors open at 7pm and you can meet and greet with Mojo and the boys before the show starts at 8pm!! As usual CD's, T-Shirts, guitar pick jewelry, and more will be available!! GET THERE EARLY AND GET A PARKING SPOT AND A GREAT SEAT!! Personal Note from Mojo: "Everyone has been so supportive and loving. There is no way I would have made it through all that medical stuff without everyone's love. I wish I could explain what happened but I evolved while going through all that stuff. I changed as a person and my Art/Music evolved with me as well. I love my new songs and am happy that the guys loved the change too. I'd love to see you at our show so we can connect and share a night of music and fellowship!! Thanks for all the love and support and see you there!!


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