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John Henson evaluates his Bucks teammates' culinary skills at Palermo's Pizza.
John Henson evaluates his Bucks teammates' culinary skills at Palermo's Pizza.
The Milwaukee muddpie pizza!
The Milwaukee muddpie pizza!

Milwaukee muddpie pizza debuts Friday at Bucks game

Earlier this season, Milwaukee-based Palermo’s Pizza welcomed the entire Bucks team to its Menomonee Valley headquarters to participate in a create-your-own-pizza contest and to get a behind-the-scenes lesson on food marketing, branding and product development.

Palermo's, of course, is a Bucks corporate partner and Palermo’s owner Giacomo Fallucca is a minority share owner of the team.  

The team was divided into four groups.  Each team had to concept, collaborate and create their own pizzas. The winning team would get its creation featured at an upcoming home game. That game is tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 29 against the Miami Heat.  

Here's how it went down. Palermo’s owner Giacomo Fallucca, Bucks president Peter Feigin and general manager John Hammond served as the judges. The teams created, pitched and provided samples for the judges. See a summary here:

The winning recipe was the "Milwaukee Muddpie," a pizza featuring chicken, pepperoni, bacon, BBQ sauce, ranch, jalapenos and banana peppers. It was created by Greg Monroe, Jerryd Bayless, Chris Copeland, Johnny O’Bryant and Rashad Vaughn.

Slices of this winning recipe will be available inside the Palermo’s Courtside Club during Friday’s Bucks game.

"As a huge fan of the competition on the court, I was thrilled to support some friendly competition off the court at the Palermo Villa," said Giacomo Fallucca, CEO of Palermo Villa, Inc. "The opportunity to share our brand with our partners and see the same love for pizza-making firsthand from our young Bucks was an extraordinary experience for myself and all of our staff. The enthusiasm that the team brought to the test kitchen is a testament to why we continue to partner with the Milwaukee Bucks year after year."

On Friday night, you also can get a ticket, pizza (not the muddpie s…

Don't forget to yell, "Uno!"
Don't forget to yell, "Uno!"

Five reasons to play Uno tonight

We're all connected 24/7 to computers, tablets, phones and television. But there's more to life than being online – even for a digital media company! – so this week we're excited to show you ways to connect with family and friends, even when there's no signal. Steinhafels presents OnMilwaukee Unplugged Week, a celebration of all things analog. Sit back, log into these stories and then log into the real world.

Game nights should be easy. But finding the right game for the entire family, much less you and your partner, can be tough. At the Sherman home, we’ve gone simple and old school lately with Uno

Here’s why!  

1. It's easy.

It’s basically Crazy Eights with cooler looking cards.

2. It involves strategy.

And, it can be be offense or defense. Play "with the ball" and go all out to get rid of your cards, or defend while playing the longer term game by attempting to leave a minimal amount of scored cards in your hand. There’s no wrong strategy either.

3. It can be sneaky.

You gotta say "uno" once you’re down to one card. If you don’t, there’s a penalty, and you gotta draw cards. Some players hide the number of cards they have and deliberately avoid saying "uno" in hopes of avoiding detection and then going out on the next turn.

4. It's fun for kids.  

Kids love Uno, and if you play the "first player to score 500 points" way, it’s a longer form game that helps teach counting and winning strategies.  

5. There are multiple versions.

Not only are there a few ways to play the game, there are several styles of cards. From Disney to NBA teams, there’s a style of Uno for everyone.

Your deal. Let’s play Uno.

Daily habits, like lemon water, help win the health race.
Daily habits, like lemon water, help win the health race.

10 daily health habits worth adopting

New Year's celebrations are behind us, leaving only the resolutions to eat better and get fit. Don't worry, we're here to help. This week – Healthy Living Week, brought to you by The Milwaukee Y – we will focus on articles and information about exercise, eating right and staying healthy in a variety of ways.

What you do every day matters more than what you do occasionally or just every now and then. 

Indeed, our health journey is a marathon not a sprint.  For me, I focus on it daily by doing the items I've listed below.  And, when I don’t I feel off and unbalanced. Sure, I also sprinkle in many other efforts each week, and – probably like you – I’m far from perfect when it comes to healthy living. But, I’ve found that you must attack it, and focus on it every day to win. 

  1. Give thanks the moment you wake up.
  2. Make your bed. I always make our bed. It must be done.  
  3. Read positive, encouraging words before you read anything else.  For me, I have several books that I read from, including Dr. Peale’s "Positive Thinking Every Day," that I’ve read from daily for more than 25 years.  
  4. Do push ups and stretch.  I don’t have a specific number or time, but I do both every morning.
  5. Walk/run. Again, no daily goal here. Some mornings it’s three miles others it’s three blocks. No matter what, it gets done.
  6. Drink warm, lemon water with a splash of turmeric.  You have to squeeze the lemon yourself, but this potion seems to work.  And, drink it before you drink anything else. 
  7. Take Vitamin D.  Consultant your doctor for dosage.
  8. Eat breakfast. For me, it’s usually blueberries, a protein shake, oatmeal and maybe a hard boiled egg.  Of course, if I have a breakfast meeting, I’m diving in with whatever.  I love breakfast. 
  9. Floss and brush. Gotta floss every day, and for me it has to be Glide Tape
  10. Drink coffee.  I love my daily stop for coffee and do my best to spread the wealth to all of Milwaukee’s great coffee shops.  
Rep. Dale Kooyenga with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.
Rep. Dale Kooyenga with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Kooyenga weighs in on WIAA fan chant policing

Former Division 3 college basketball player and current Wisconsin State Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), sent a news release yesterday weighing in with his thoughts on the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association's clamp down on fan behavior

January 12, 2016

To the members of the WIAA,

I am disappointed by the recent actions taken by the WIAA targeting decades’ old fan chants and comments.  I’ve been there.  I was the 6’7" awkwardly skinny high school basketball player that came off the bench for the final 20 seconds of play after my team was already down by 20 points.  On more than one occasion, I would take my shot for my first points of the season (although the season was already halfway done) only to miss the rim and backboard.  There it was, the humiliating "air ball" chant.  Hearing that quickly makes a 6’7" teenager feel like he would rather be 3’7" and quietly find an exit but today I look back with greater clarity on those moments.

I asked myself following those games – do I love basketball?  The answer was yes!  I decided if I loved the game, but did not enjoy the ridicule, I had two choices.  I could take my ball and go home or I could work to become a better basketball player.  I chose the latter and I am glad I did because it changed my life.  I hit the gym, jumped rope, put on some weight and I always made it a point to play with players who were better than me.  If you think a high school student section is rough, try playing basketball on a playground on the south side of Chicago.

After putting in a significant amount of work, I ended up being just good enough to play at the local community college followed by playing D3 basketball at Lakeland College in Sheboygan.  I had three different head basketball coaches during my college career and the high school "air ball" chant was relatively easy to deal with compared to what my coaches yelled at me when I failed to properly box out.  Several years later I joined the Army a…