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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, April 18, 2014

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Do you eat fish at home?
Do you eat fish at home? (Photo:

Is it the smell?

It's Good Friday, so let's talk fish.  Milwaukee's relationship with fish and, of course the fish fry, is unique and wonderful.  I'm guessing here, but I bet we consume more fish than the average American. 

Yet, according to many sources and a recent story, Americans are eating less fish than ever.  A story this week began, "At a time when some Americans have started to improve their diets, they're increasingly turning their noses up at one of the healthiest foods around: fish."

It went on to note that "the average U.S. consumer ate 14.4 pounds of seafood in 2012, the last year for which figures are available, down from 15 pounds in 2011 and a record high 16.6 pounds consumed in 2004. That's far less than the average 82 pounds of chicken, 57 pounds of beef and 46 pounds of pork."

The WSJ story is great read and full of interesting facts and data.  Read it here.

For me, it's the smell.  And, yes I know some fish smells as my mom would say "more fishy" than others.  Stink or not, it's why we eat mainly chicken at home and not fish.  Fish is fairly easy to cook, bake or grill but the perception is that it's hard, possibly unsafe if handled incorrectly and again that fish smells up your entire home. 

So, why don't you eat "enough" fish?  I find that I love to order it when we dine out, but I rarely make it at home.  I'm going to attempt to change this as I generally like fish.  But, education needs to happen if America is going to ever replace beef or chicken in its diet. 

Healthy is a great tag to hang on fish, but teach a man to cook fish and he'll cook fish forever.  What do you say, fish industry? 

Happy YP Week, Milwaukee.
Happy YP Week, Milwaukee.

YP Week off to a strong start

Again this year, is proud and honored to help sponsor Newaukee’s YP Week.  The programming, engagement and opportunities are all strong again this year.  

A wonderful addition this year are small gatherings with national speakers.  Although limited to sponsors and VIPs, the sessions are held at the very comfortable and cool "party" room at Rumpus Room

Monday’s brought Lane Becker to town.  Becker’s a  Silicon Valley guy and founder of several companies that have spearheaded the Internet’s growth.  According to his LinkedIn bio he works on "product development and product management; partnerships and business development; market strategy; user experience research, strategy, and design; investment fundraising; patience; disasters, both creation and recovery." 

His book, "Get Lucky: How to Put Planned Serendipity to Work for You and Your Business" was featured here and it provides a good overview of many of the ideas that he spoke about on Monday.

James Carlson of Bucket Brigade did this awesome summary of Becker’s talk at YP Week. 

Check out the entire YP Week agenda here.  If you'd like please come see me lead a discussion called "Investing in your future" on Thursday from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at Villa Terrace.  

Tasting Table, "Ardent serves some of the most progressive food in the Midwest."
Tasting Table, "Ardent serves some of the most progressive food in the Midwest."

Tasting Table: Ardent serving some of the "most interesting food in the Midwest"

Milwaukee's often used in conjunction with "surprise."  "Wow, I didn't know that Milwaukee was that cool," and the like. 

Today comes another shining example as Tasting Table, the big hitting "free daily email about the best of food and drink culture," toasts Milwaukee's own Ardent with the headline "Milwaukee Surprise." 

Anthony Todd of the company's Chicago bureau uses the sub headline of "Ardent serves some of the most progressive food in the Midwest" and starts his piece like this, "We never expected to find some of the most interesting food in the Midwest hiding in Milwaukee, but that's exactly what we discovered down the short flight of stairs to the non-descript basement that is the contemporary American restaurant Ardent."  

Hats off to Chef Justin Carlisle and cheers to the continued explosion of the Milwaukee dining scene.  


The Wisconsin Badgers are going to the Final Four.
The Wisconsin Badgers are going to the Final Four. (Photo: David Bernacchi)

A Marquette fan reacts to Wisconsin's Final Four berth

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Badgers.

The University of Wisconsin is going back to the Final Four (it last reached the Final Four in 2000, losing to Michigan State). But now the Badgers are the first men's basketball team in our state since the 2003 Marquette Golden Eagles to make the NCAA's version of its men's basketball championship. 

It's an amazing feat and one that should be embraced, loved and cherished. If you're a UW grad, go to Dallas. You'll love it and it's sure to create amazing memories no matter the outcome of the game(s).  

I won't be going, but I'll be watching, as I'm sure you will be. It's great for our state when any of our teams rise the ranks and battle for a title. Nothing brings us together like sports championships. 

Yet as a Marquette graduate, many like to rib me and other MU grads for our non-tournament season and UW's success. It's all in good fun and it's what makes sports and rivals great. 

True story. I watched the end of the Wisconsin-Arizona game in the Court Side Club at the BMO Harris Bradley Center after the Bucks-Heat game. It was awesome to experience the win in a collective, shared environment. 

Beautifully, Marquette legend and current star of the 30 for 30 documentary "Untucked," Bo Ellis, was in the crowd. He's a huge Bo Ryan fan.

"The guy's great and shares my name," he told those around him.

But, he's also a loyal Marquette guy as he and his teammates won the school's only title in 1977. Dignified gentleman that he is, Ellis cheered the UW win but when fans (including my lovely wife) wanted to high five him after the Badgers win he respectfully declined saying, "I'm a Marquette guy."

He didn't, as he shared with me later on a shuttle ride, cheer against UW (and never does) but he seemed to still respect the in-state rivalry between UW and MU. Both sides do, and that's what being "fanatic" is all about.  

Side note, wouldn't it be great if UWM and UW had a Michigan vs. Michigan State type of rivalry?  …