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A new #MUBB app is now available.
A new #MUBB app is now available.

Marquette basketball launches new app

I'm already excited and anxious for the upcoming basketball season. And, today, my alma mater - Marquette - helped fuel my fan fire by releasing a new app that is available for free download, thanks to a partnership with Bluechip Athletic Solutions, Inc.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android users and can be found by searching for "Marquette Basketball Official" in the app store.  As an incentive to download it, you'll get an exclusive look at the team’s special Jordan Brand "Mascot XX9" shoes, which will be worn on the team's trip to Italy, Aug. 10-20.

The app, now fairly basic, will grow and serve as the team’s social media hub during the foreign tour and will be a one-stop shop for the latest on the travel party via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

More content will be added as the season approaches and the app will provide updated info as the year progresses, including exclusive content.

The team is also developing a basketball-specific microsite and its expected launch is scheduled for the fall.

Tell your state representative to vote yes.
Tell your state representative to vote yes.

My letter to the state legislature

Dear Wisconsin leaders and members of the state legislature,

Good morning!

First, thank you for your service and dedication to the great state of Wisconsin.  It is truly appreciated.

Today I'm writing to ask you to please vote yes tomorrow for the new Wisconsin arena and entertainment district in Downtown Milwaukee.  It’s important and vital to our state’s long term viability.  And, as a passionate entrepreneur who is always looking for great employees and team members – I know how important modern sports and entertainment are in the recruitment process.  

The performing arts, tourism, sports and music all matter to Wisconsin, and together they help us build a sense of community, a sense of pride and a greater sense of place. And while other states also have amazing groups and teams Milwaukee and Wisconsin are truly blessed with unique traditions, teams, and opportunities for us all in sports, tourism and the performing arts.

So, as a member the boards of directors of two entities that make civic arts and entertainment great - the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts and the Wisconsin Center District  - I support a greater Wisconsin that will come about thanks to the entertainment district and arena proposal the Milwaukee Bucks, the Governor’s Office, Milwaukee County Executive, Milwaukee Mayor, and legislature have put together.

This is a plan that keeps the Bucks in Milwaukee, creates jobs and represents a net gain for taxpayers.  It is, though, an effort that’s about more than basketball. This is nearly a billion dollars worth of development that will create thousands of jobs, generate millions in future property tax revenues, and truly transforms the largest missing piece of the Downtown development puzzle.

As a civic steward to assets that help make Wisconsin and Milwaukee shine, I understand that with significant public investment in the Downtown and surrounding area that collaboration is king.  So, it has never been more important for …

Today's the day to all scream for #UberIceCream from @Uber_WI.
Today's the day to all scream for #UberIceCream from @Uber_WI. (Photo: )

We all scream for #UberIceCream

The forecast calls for perfect weather today.  So, why not scream for ice cream?  Just give Uber a shout and let them deliver it to you!

That's right, Downtown Milwaukee may not have a ton of ice cream options but you can order ice cream on demand with #UberIceCream.

Today, Friday, July 24, Uber is bringing a frozen favorite back for the fourth year in a row. It's a global promotion with local flavor, and it’s as simple as tapping a button on the Uber app.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open the Uber app on Friday, July 24, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  2. Set your location and request ICE CREAM
  3. If connected, order away and ice cream will be delivered curbside in minutes

Of course, typically the Uber app is used to connect riders and drivers but Uber has done promotions with on-demand puppies and kittens and on-demand Goodwill clothing pick-ups. This ice cream promotion is the company's largest on-demand campaign to date.

Milwaukee is one of 253 cities doing Uber Ice Cream.

"We are thrilled to deliver ice cream to Milwaukee with the push of a button. This is a major global campaign with some very local flare as we've partnered with Scratch Micro Creamery and Bublr bikes to make ice cream on-demand a reality," said Adam Dries, Uber Wisconsin's General Manager.

Deliveries will happen via UberX vehicles and Bublr bikes. The Uber brand ambassador street team also will be riding Bublr bikes throughout both Marquette and UWM campuses delivering ice cream.

Additionally, Uber partnered with Capitol One to offer comped ice cream to anyone who selects their Capitol One credit card as the payment method.

Sunglasses, anyone?
Sunglasses, anyone?

Shopping for new shades and glasses

I have worn contacts for years.  The dailies are super comfortable and not super expensive. 

But, every now and then, I like a pair of glasses.  I have two pair with my current prescription and one (an awesome SwissFlex frame) with outdated lenses.  Yet, I seldom wear either pair other than late at night.  This isn’t probably the best course for my long-term eye health, so I’m on the hunt for a new, cool frame.  And, since Wisconsin Vision is a client, I stopped at its new Third Ward store last week.

First, I’ll admit that while I like fashion and staying current I’m not a big shopper other than online where I did buy one of current pair of glasses. I’d rather just have someone give me a cool frame or shirt or whatever, pay for it and go along my day. Yet, trying on a bunch of styles last week did help me to see my shaved head in a bit of a different light and helped me see all that’s out there in eye wear today.

I did learn that my wonderfully shaved head isn’t really the main factor when it comes to finding the best glasses. It’s the shape of my face that matters. 

Faces that are oblong generally like frames that cover a larger area of the face as much as possible. So, bold frames work well. Round faces generally do well with angular or square frames, not round. 

The above "rules" really don’t apply, because fashion is fashion and you should embrace you. But, reality is that some styles look better than others.  Honestly, I'm not sure about the above.  Kinda dorky.  But, cool Tom Ford frames. 

This go with your style philosophy also applies for sunglasses. And unlike my regular glasses I do wear my sunglasses often, and don’t usually buy cheap pairs.  But, sadly, this means that I usually end up buying a new pair every few years.  They break, I lose ‘em or I just want new ones. 

And, according to nearly everyone including the good people at Wisconsin Vision wearing shades is important. 

WebMD tells me that "UV radi…