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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. (Photo: Staff Writers)

Go purple with Sojourner and MilwaukeeHome

Last summer, my wife and I were honored to serve as hosts for Sojourner's 26th annual Tailgate for Peace at Miller Park. More recently, I got to walk the runway to help raise funds for Sojourner. 

Sojourner is a great organization, full of passionate people working hard to increase awareness about domestic violence and share the message that violence is not an acceptable behavior.  Yet, according to Sojourner, 74% of Americans know someone who has been abused. That's an alarming percentage.  So, we can all pitch in this October as it's Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) – an annual, nation-wide campaign that's also part of Sojourner's MKE Peace Campaign, an initiative designed to increase awareness about domestic violence by "turning Milwaukee purple."

To do so, Sojourner has partnered with MilwaukeeHome to create special edition, purple MilwaukeeHome T-shirts.  Purple is a symbol of peace, courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending domestic violence, and is the color of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

If you wear the special-edition shirt, you'll not only support the cause but receive special deals when visiting the following Sojourner MKE Peace Partners:

Red Elephant
Lela Boutique
Gothic Milwaukee
The Brass Alley
Evolution Milwaukee
Clock Shadow Creamery
Milwaukee Food & City Tours
Purple Door Ice Cream
Lakefront Brewery

The shirts are great, and the cause greater.  So, buy one and when you wear it share it using #MKEPeace and tag @SojournerMKE.

T-shirts can be purchased at the MilwaukeeHome store, 159 N. Jackson St., suite 101 or at They are $30 each.

Biscuits, now available all day.
Biscuits, now available all day. (Photo: )

McGriddles and biscuits added to Mickey D's All Day Breakfast mix

I'm sick of all the "national" days of donuts, beer, coffee, etc. But I was reminded in all my news feeds today that it's National Coffee Day. So, here's to coffee, I guess.

More important to my life is that McDonald's announced today it has finally added biscuits to its All Day Breakfast menu. I rarely eat at McDonald's but have always loved its biscuits.

So, it's good to know that all 125 McDonald’s restaurants in Southeastern Wisconsin have expanded their All Day Breakfast menus, beginning Wednesday, Sept. 27. This expanded menu now includes McGriddles and Biscuit breakfast sandwiches all day, every day.

The good PR people at McDonald’s also told me that today they are giving away "Free Coffee for a Year" via Twitter.  Just follow @McDonaldsMKE and look for the image to retweet in order to qualify. 

Marquette has spirit!  GO MU.
Marquette has spirit! GO MU. (Photo: David Bernacchi)

Marquette and UW make top 20 in country for school spirit

We’re passionate and loyal in the Midwest.  We love our teams, schools and communities.  So, it’s really no surprise that both Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison rank in the top 20 for "colleges with the most school spirit."

The Princeton Review recently released its 2017 college rankings. You have create an account to see all of the results, but more than 140,000 students contributed to the study.  From the results of "How popular are intercollegiate sports at your school?" the data revealed the 20 colleges with the most school spirit. 

As a Marquette grad, I’m proud but, again, not surprised, that MU landed near the top 10.  There’s a pride and unique passion at MU.  Bucky shares it, too, and also boasts a big-time football program that helps increase its reach and spirit.

No matter where your loyalties lie, here’s the full list as presented by Business Insider.  MU at No. 12 and Bucky at No. 16.

We are Marquette!  U-rah-rah! Wisconsin!

As easy way to sample custom clothing.
As easy way to sample custom clothing.

#JHFitTour is coming to Milwaukee

I like clothes, love to buy them too. But, in stereotypical male fashion, I don’t really like to shop. Plus, Amazon killed its MyHabit site recently so where am I to go – online or off – for my fashion needs?

Sure, I shop at Harley’s, love Moda3 and Milworks but even as I explore a few of the monthly services like FiveFour Club I’ve been searching for a better fit for my fashion needs.  So, recently, I tested J. Hilburn.  The customer service and fits have been outstanding, and for some crazy reason the clothes even landed a runway gig for me last spring. Clearly elevating my fashion game. Big thanks to my stylist and rep, Lisa Gibb.

It’s a bit odd and maybe uncomfortable for some guys to get fitted for clothes at the office or at home.  It works and is worth it, though.  And this weekend and next week you’ll have the chance to casually explore the custom fit clothing world of J. Hilburn as the brand brings its fashions to Milwaukee with the #JHFitTour.

Here’s the full deal. 

The traveling #JHFitTour, a state-of-the-art mobile studio, will stop at the following locations:

Sunday, Sept. 11
Delafield Brewhaus
3832 Hillside Dr.
5-8 p.m.

Monday, Sept. 12
The Wicked Hop
345 N. Broadway
4-8 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 13
Milwaukee Athletic Club
756 N. Broadway
11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Allen Edmonds will join J. Hilburn representatives at the Milwaukee Athletic Club stop.  You should join them, too. 

It's not necessary, but you can RSVP for any of the three stops here