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The pub will feature Milwaukee-themed foam drawings in its beer.
The pub will feature Milwaukee-themed foam drawings in its beer. (Photo: Jason McDowell / Shutterstock)

Dublin businessman opens Milwaukee-themed bar in Ireland

They say the best – and worst ideas – come after drinking. Maybe that's why, after spending almost every night after work in Milwaukee-based Irish bars, Michael Gallagher moved back to Dublin to open a Milwaukee-themed bar.

"One night, after my fifth or sixth pint, it occurred to me that if Milwaukeeans love Irish bars so much, maybe Irish people would love Milwaukee bars, too" says Gallagher. "I can’t believe no one thought of this before. Or if they did, and it didn’t work out, didn’t tell me. I spent all of my drinking money for the rest of my life on this thing."

Before committing to the idea, Gallagher ran the idea past some Irish friends living in Milwaukee and they agreed it was worth a shot. "A shot of Jameson, anyway," jokes Gallagher. "Hey, you want a shot of Jameson?"

Gallagher, who lived in Milwaukee for 12 years, returned to Dublin in late 2014 and plans to open his first Milwaukee-themed Irish bar on Fleet Street in June.

"It was tough coming up with just the right name," says Gallagher. "We had a lot of good ones on the list."

Gallagher says he considered opening an all-Miller beer bar called "Millerwaukee" but decided the concept was ultimately too limiting.

"Plus, Miller tastes like loo water," he says.

He then considered naming the bar "Pat O’Brien’s," after the Irish actor Pat O’Brien who was born in Milwaukee in 1899. O’Brien went on to star in many films including "Some Like It Hot" and was known as the "Hollywood Irishman in Residence."

"Then I remembered there was a Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans and I didn’t want to seem like a copy cat," says Gallagher. "But that would have been bloody perfect."

Gallagher says he considered "Liberace’s Diamond Tap," "Arthur Fonzarelli’s" and "Chaser Nation."

"If there’s one thing I can thank Milwaukee for it’s introducing me to the chaser with a Bloody Mary," he says. "That shite just doesn’t exist anywhere else."

Gallagher finally settled on a primarily Old Fashion…

5 Hearts Boutique will soon announce a large closing sale on its Facebook page.
5 Hearts Boutique will soon announce a large closing sale on its Facebook page.

5 Hearts Boutique closing soon

After five years in business, 5 Hearts Boutique, 153 N. Milwaukee St., is closing.

Mother-and-daughter team Kelly and Mary Jo Mansell opened the women’s clothing and gift boutique in 2010.

"I have sincerely enjoyed meeting and getting to know each and every one of our customers," says Kelly. "My family is growing, however, and I'm excited to share that my husband and I have a second new baby on the way this year. As a result, I am sad to say I have decided to close Five Hearts and put all of my time and effort into raising both of our little ones."

5 Hearts Boutique will have a going-out-of-business sale in the near future. Check the Facebook page for more information.

The Thirsty Duck's lanes will be similar to the lanes at Koz's Mini Bowl.
The Thirsty Duck's lanes will be similar to the lanes at Koz's Mini Bowl.

The Thirsty Duck promises pizza, duck-pin bowling

Good news for duck pin bowling / Koz’s Mini Bowl fans. Brothers Mark and Dan Zierath are opening a six-lane duck pin bowling alley and restaurant called The Thirsty Duck in what is now Pitch’s Baby Grand, 11320 W. Bluemound Rd.

Pitch’s will remain open through April and Dan says they will renovate the space and open on June 15.

"It’s all moving very quickly," says Dan.

The Zieraths also own both Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pubs, 11302 W. Bluemound Rd. and 1203 N. 10th St.

The Tosa-based Jackson’s is steps away from the future Thirsty Duck. Chef Jose Rodriguez, the current chef at Jackson’s, will also run the kitchen at The Thirsty Duck. The menu will focus on gourmet pizza and chicken.

"We will eventually offer a delivery service," says Dan.

According to Dan, Justin Koz, the owner of Koz’s Mini Bowl, 2078 S. 7th St., has been instrumental in helping to recreate similar duck pin lanes that will also feature human pinsetters.

"I’ve been going to Koz’s for 12 years," says Dan. "We’re really looking forward to offer more duck pin bowling in the Milwaukee area."

Flowers just weren't gonna cut it.
Flowers just weren't gonna cut it. (Photo: Christina Patrick)

Meet the "Brady Street cheater"

Last Saturday was a 50-something degree day that was perfect for biking, grilling, the St. Patrick’s parade and, apparently, confessing your sins at a busy intersection wearing nothing but tighty-whities.

103.7 KISS-FM was one of the first to post a photo of the phenomenon but I had to track down the man who quickly became hashtagged as #bradystreetcheater and, thanks to the miracle of Facebook, I found Dane Jensen.

Jensen says he was, indeed, the "Brady Street cheater" and that he spent about 30 minutes standing at the intersection of Brady and Van Buren Streets holding a self-made sign reading "I cheated because I'm a douche." 

"I did it because I cheated on someone," says Jensen. "It did produce the desired results; however, I was asked to respect the anonymity of the other members involved."

File this one away, fellas, for when you reallllllly eff up. But I might recommend boxers.