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Las vaqueras de la pimienta!
Las vaqueras de la pimienta!

Where is the mechanical La Perla pepper now?

Recently, La Perla was sold to new owners (who will soon be announced on OnMilwaukee) and on Saturday, July 16 the restaurant bid its customers adios with a party. 

Many people share the same burning (ahem) question: where is the mechanical pepper?

"Right now, it's in storage," says La Perla co-owner, JoAnne Anton. "But we're thinking ..."

Where would you like to see the La Perla pepper someday? I'm hoping for my living room but have doubts about that actually happening.

Cool down with a piña colada at Bradford Beach.
Cool down with a piña colada at Bradford Beach.

10 ways to beat the heat when you don't have AC

Explore the best Milwaukee has to offer with VISIT Milwaukee and OnMilwaukee this summer by "Urban Exploring." We'll be sharing parks to hike, walls to climb, rivers to paddle, trails to bike and so much more. Be a tourist in your own town and experience it with us! 

  1. The classic: Take cold shower, sit in front of fan.
  2. Eat a Pete's Pop popsicle; rub popsicle on especially sweltering body parts.
  3. Get friend or spouse to drive on freeway; hang head out passenger's window like dog; pant if you must.
  4. Go to a neighborhood bar or beer garden and drink cold ones until you're too tanked to notice heat, humidity or to comprehend the concept of weather in general. (And then call an Uber.)
  5. Make accordion fan out of cheaper-than-it-would-be-if-you-had-air-conditioning electric bill.
  6. Listen to Christmas music and imagine winter wonderlands, Jack Frost or anything other than chestnuts roasting on open fire.
  7. Take a dip in any one of the Milwaukee County Pools. 
  8. Pile on winter clothing until you sense the onset of heat stroke, then remove clothing to feel remarkably cooler.
  9. Go to a movie. Oh, but don't forget your sweater because you'll be cold before the film starts. 
  10. Down a piña colada at Bradford Beach.
Pop-up poppy paintings!
Pop-up poppy paintings!

Pierluissi presents 52 poppy pantings

Adrienne Pierluissi, who owns The Sugar Maple in Bay View, will display 52 paintings at Lakeshore State Park on Sunday, July 17, from 3 to 7 p.m.

The works depict poppies in four seasons and are displayed in a row, spanning across 300 feet.

"They can be viewed up close or traveling north on the Hoan Bridge," says Pierluissi.

This is the fourth and final installation of the show. The first was held in Random Lake, the second in Chicago and the third at the Domes.

Eoin McCarthy (left), band manager Jim Rice and longtime volunteer Randy Beck.
Eoin McCarthy (left), band manager Jim Rice and longtime volunteer Randy Beck. (Photo: Royal Brevväxling)

Rebel Stage Spotlight: Eoin McCarthy

"Rebel Stage Spotlight" is an OnMilwaukee-exclusive series of interviews with bands that will perform on The Rebel Stage during Summerfest. The Rebel Stage – located along the lakefront, directly to the east of the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse stage – is a completely independent venue that hosts more than 90 bands during the Big Gig and is staffed entirely by volunteers. Rebel Stage manager, Eoin McCarthy, hand picked the line-up from more than 2,000 submissions.

In 2007, Eoin McCarthy’s band at the time, Poor J, was offered a gig on Summerfest's Tiki Stage, but when the band showed up they were told the time slot was accidentally double booked and it was not going to happen.

Surprised and a bit disgruntled, McCarthy and bandmates decided they were going to play Summerfest regardless, so they wandered the grounds until they found open outlets and plugged in.

The first day, they played for 10 hours. They returned the next day – and every day after – and played for hours without anyone suspecting they weren't hired performers.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, Summerfest got wind of this, but wasn’t angry. Instead, they offered McCarthy a stage of his own where he could completely control the music, but without the promotional support of the fest. (To this day, the daily lineups do not appear in Summerfest’s printed or online information, but can be found here.)

Originally, McCarthy named the stage The Refugee Stage, which he has tattooed on his arm, but later changed it to The Rebel Stage, of which he also has a tattoo. 

McCarthy, who is originally from Ireland, is the lead singer and songwriter of Whiskey of the Damned. Tonight at 7:30 p.m., the band will perform and launch their new CD, "Here’s to Duffy’s Cut, Bedevil the Railroads," a rowdy, punk rock love story. He will perform a solo set on The Rebel Stage at noon on Sunday.

There is so much more to McCarthy's – and Rebel Stage's – story that can be read here.

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