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The Jackson Three?
The Jackson Three?

The Jacksons are coming to Milwaukee!

The 6th annual fundraiser for Camp Hometown Heroes – which benefits the children of fallen military soldiers – hosts its Grand Slam Charity Jam on Saturday, March 5 at the Wisconsin Center convention hall, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave.

The event features a performance by members of the legendary Jackson family: Tito, Marlon and Jackie. Andi & Alex, twin sister from Green Bay who recently appeared on NBC’s "The Voice," will open the show.

Last year over $190,000 was raised for Camp Hometown Heroes which provided free summer camp experiences to kids who lost a parent in the military.

Tickets to this year’s event cost $49-100 and can be ordered here.

For more information or to make a tax-deductible contribution to Hometown Heroes, go to the website. 

Fixture PIzza will open soon.
Fixture PIzza will open soon.

Fixture Pizza expected to open in April in Walker's Point

Fixture Pizza has been in the works for a while and, according to co-owner Josh Taylor, it will open in early-to-mid April in the former Boom / The Room space, 625 S. 2nd St.

Taylor, who is opening the pizza restaurant and bar with his brother, Jake, says they hoped to open four or five months ago, but encountered a series of obstacles.

"It's an old building, and among other things, it set us back," says Taylor. "But we are moving forward and confident we will open in April."

Fixture Pizza, which is the Taylor brothers' first venture, will specialize in what Taylor calls "Milwaukee-style pizza."

"Chicago has their style of pizza, and we will have deep dish on the menu, but Fixture's specialty will be 'Milwaukee-style,' which has a thin, crackery crust and is square cut," he says.

Stay tuned to OnMilwaukee for a First Look after Fixture opens.

A rendering of what the brewery's exterior might look like someday.
A rendering of what the brewery's exterior might look like someday.

Update on Westallion Brewing Co.

Last fall, OnMilwaukee first reported that West Allis would welcome its first brewery, Westallion Brewing Co., in April 2016.

Recently, brewery co-owners Erik and Kim Dorfner pushed the date back, but hopefully by less than six months.

"The brewery is coming along nicely, though not nearly as quickly as I would have hoped," says Erik. "As for opening, I think we're still on track for a late summer or early fall opening."

Westallion Brewing Co. will open in a former storage facility at 1825 S. 72nd St. The 6,000-square foot space will feature the brewery, tasting room and beer garden.

Read more about Westallion Brewing Co. here. 

Parents don't (usually) get to pick their kid's passions.
Parents don't (usually) get to pick their kid's passions.

My son's passion for the Rubik's Cube and why most of us have never solved it

Like you, perhaps, I had a Rubik’s Cube when I was a kid. I got it for Christmas when I was in third or fourth grade, and for years I occasionally picked it up and tried to solve it.

Also like you, perhaps, I tried to solve it by completing one side at a time. I even got two sides completed, but I never got better than that, and I certainly never solved the thing.

Last year, my 12-year-old son, Levi, received a Rubik’s Cube and it was love at first twist. Within a couple of weeks, he solved it.

When I told him of my long-term cube ineptness, he enlightened me by saying I had approached it completely wrong – that it needed to be solved one layer at a time as in top, middle and bottom – not one side at a time. He also informed me that to solve the cube he had written out and memorized more than 50 algorithms.

It was then I came to terms with the fact I would never solve Rubik’s Cube.

My son "cubes" every day, for very long periods of time, and has done so for months. He is going to a competition this weekend in Dixon, Ill., and the nationals in Portland, Ore., this summer.

It doesn't matter how much I scramble the cube, Levi usually solves it in under 15 seconds, but has solved it just under 10 seconds a couple of times. That is his goal: to be "sub 10 (seconds)" with every attempt. 

The world’s record for the fastest cube solve is held by a 14-year-old named Lucas Etter, who finished in less than 5 seconds. I know it’s my job as a mom to believe in my kid, but I really think Levi might break Lucas’ record someday, mostly because I have never before seen Levi put such focus and fuel behind something.

I know he is awake every morning because I can hear the cube twisting in his room. I also know when he’s fallen asleep for the evening because the twisting stops.

Truth be told, I was hoping that my son would love learning an instrument or be a voracious reader – basically to be passionate about the things that I am passionate about. But this i…