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Submit your art to Heineken by Feb. 21!
Submit your art to Heineken by Feb. 21!

Heineken wants young artists

As if beer and young people don't have a swell enough relationship, Heineken now wants to give one of them $5,000.

Heineken partnered with Words, Beats & Life ( to launch a national Black History Month Art contest, and is searching for an up-and-coming artist -- who is at least 21 years old -- to feature in the 2012 Heineken Black History Month advertising campaign.

The winner will receive $5,000 and their artwork will be featured across national print and digital media for Heineken during Black History Month in 2012.

From now until Feb. 21, artists can upload their original artwork on the Heineken RedStar Facebook page ( until Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Between Feb. 21-28, Heineken will ask Facebook fans to vote for their favorite design and then the five submissions with the most votes will be considered by a panel of judges. The winner will be announced on March 15, 2011.

Taco dip: the completely unofficial appetizer of the XLV Super Bowl.
Taco dip: the completely unofficial appetizer of the XLV Super Bowl.

God loves the Packers ... and taco dip

I may not be much of a football fan, but if there’s one thing that excites me about the sport, it’s football food and Super Bowl party snacks like taco dip. I love making it, I love eating it and I love mulling over the question, "Is taco dip’s awesomeness the only thing in life that all Americans agree on?"

Seriously. I am yet to meet the person who doesn’t like this perfect-at-halftime food item. I think it might have been on the table at the Last Supper, but I'm not sure. I am sure that if I were forced to chose a final meal, I would actually pick this divine dip -- if I could get it with the not-always-included avocado chunks.

Does anyone have a unique recipe or topping for taco dip? I usually make mine with the following layers, not necessarily in this order: Amy's refried beans, sour cream,  chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, more shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, black olive slices and green onions. If my kids aren’t eating it, I douse it in a hot sauce like Valentina or Sriracha.

I am a big fan of the Xochitl organic tortilla chips, but at almost $5 a bag, we only splurge on ‘em right after payday when I’m living inside the 24-hour illusion that makes me think I have disposable income. Otherwise, I’m all about scooping up the taco-y slop with a more affordable lemon chip from El Rey. Really, I'm less picky about my tortilla chips when this Dip of the Gods is involved. They're just crunchy little shovels with the sole purpose of stuffing my football-apathetic face.

The Enclave brings much-needed upscale living space to Tosa.
The Enclave brings much-needed upscale living space to Tosa.

Housing update: Tosa welcomes The Enclave, etc.

A high-end Wauwatosa apartment complex -- called The Enclave -- will soon be in the works. The $24 million project, located at 1200 N. 62nd St., received support from the Federal Housing Administration’s HUD program and will offer upscale rental opportunities in Tosa.

Demolition of the existing mix of industrial buildings is scheduled to begin within the next 30 days with an anticipated groundbreaking in early April 2011.  Occupancy is expected for May 1, 2012.

An outdoor pool, club room, business center, exercise facility and green roof gardens are some of the highlighted common area amenities.

Also in housing news, Park Lafayette Towers, a 272-unit property located at 1918 E. Layfayette Pl., appointed Mandel Property Services Inc. ("MPSI") as the new management and leasing agent.

Mandel owns or manages over 3,000 luxury and market-rate apartments in metropolitan Milwaukee and Madison, as well as multiple condominium communities and commercial developments.

Park Layfayette Towers offers condo-like apartments, off street parking, a work-out center and cityscape views. Currently, 65 percent of the units are occupied.

One of the merch items available at
One of the merch items available at

I admit it: I am not a Packers fan. I tried to get it up for football for a number of years -- I was married, after all, to a guy from Green Bay -- and I even went to a couple of games. But I never got snared by the ol’ Lambeau lair.

So, like other non-football fans, I grocery shop during games. (And I complain, every time, about the lack of buns selection.) And sometimes I mouth off on Facebook -- as well as during my weekly segment with Kramp and Adler -- about how annoyed I am with Packermania.

But this Web site,, takes it a few yards too far. It’s disrespectful to people with disabilities and it generates unnecessary negativity.

This site, ironically, one of the reasons what I don’t like about sports. (Except duck-pin bowling, croquette and all-girl roller derby.) Nobody has to suck. In fact, nobody has to be a winner or a loser. Yeah, yeah, I know: wrap me in a rainbow poncho and draw a yin-yang on my neck, but seriously. It’s just not the way I play my game in this life.

However, all of my Pack smack talking aside, I don’t think anyone sucks and, truth be told, a part of me is happy for my Packers-loving friends. Even though I am so sick of green and gold that -- at this point -- it looks more like baby puke and urine to me.