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"I want my $2!"
"I want my $2!"

The kid wants money

Recently, my son, who is 7, asked me how he could make money other than from the tooth fairy. I don’t blame him. The fairy’s occasional $2 doesn’t do much for a boy who dreams of massive Lego sets and a bike with gears.

But is a 7-year-old allowance ready? And should he receive the cash in return for chores?

I grew up without an allowance. My parents thought doing basic household chores was simply a part of contributing to the family, not something you got paid for. They gave me money when I needed it, but not in exchange for, say, setting the table.

My son doesn’t really need money. At this stage of his life, between birthday and holidays, he gets pretty much everything he wants. But I understand the pride factor when you pay for something yourself, with the money you earned. I want him to know that.

So I’m leaning towards giving him a weekly allowance, perhaps in exchange for a few extra chores, perhaps not. Regardless, how much should he get every week? It seems the amount kids get from the tooth fairy ranges a lot -- I’ve heard of sums ranging from $1 to $10 per tooth -- so allowance rates probably vary as well.

"Honey, it's Tuesday..."
"Honey, it's Tuesday..."

The sex schedule

Recently, a person I know told me that she and her husband have a sex schedule, meaning they "do it" three nights a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

She had multiple reasons for implementing the schedule, mostly because they have small children and thanks to fatigue or jam-packed days, they weren’t getting around to the deed on a regular basis.

She said the sex schedule really works well for them. They can squeeze in sex at any time during the given day, with the unfortunate side that sometimes there is too much discussion about exactly when and where it’s going to go down.

Either spouse can opt out if, for example, someone has a headache. Also, there are bonus nights, in the case of birthdays or, I dunno, Christmas.

Years ago, I might have found this extremely unromantic, and actually, a part of me still does. This might sound depressing to newlyweds or those still in the "honeymoon" phase of their relationship.

However, from a parents’ perspective, I totally understand the need for such a formal commitment. For many moms and dads, caring for kids isn't the kindling needed to stoke up a post-bedtime night of fiery passion.

I’m not exactly scheduling copulation on my Google calendar, but I get it.

Bella and Edward: 4-ever 2-gether.
Bella and Edward: 4-ever 2-gether.

"Twilight:" Book or movie?

Last December, I went to see the film "Twilight," only because it was the only movie that was remotely interesting to me that was playing after a holiday dinner in Green Bay. I found the film enjoyable -- who doesn’t like to witness a romance between a hot teenaged girl and a vampire? -- but I certainly wasn’t blown away.

The romantic-fantasy film did, however, make me want to read the book because I am a person who dwells in the camp of "the book is usually better than the movie."

So, this week, I finally ordered a used copy of the book from, which is written by Stephanie Meyer, and I can’t wait to plow into it.

I have high expectations despite my lukewarm feelings about the film. So, those of you who have seen and read "Twilight," which is better?

Does "Milwaukee" rhyme with anything? How about "karate?" Not really ...
Does "Milwaukee" rhyme with anything? How about "karate?" Not really ...

What does "Milwaukee" rhyme with?

For five years in a row, hosted a Milwaukee Poetry Contest. Because we’re always moving on to fresh, new ideas, we haven’t hosted the contest for a couple of years. However, when we did have the contest, it was held during the month of September, in honor of back-to-school time.

Recently, I was thinking about the poetry contest and I dug up a bunch of old submissions. I read great work by many local writers, but I realized that even though the poems were about Milwaukee, not one writer rhymed the name of our fine city with something else.

So pundits, poets and word nerds, I have a challenge for you: Other than "Pewaukee" and "Ozaukee," what does "Milwaukee" rhyme with?

I already thought of "walkie-talkie," but submit your response via the Talkback feature and you might win a prize.