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Death by buffering: "Unfriended" delivers a gimmick that clicks

Published April 22, 2015

I've had some less than flattering things to say about found footage in recent years, calling it things like "the worst of today's low budget Hollywood filmmaking" and "a thing that shouldn't exist anymore." So let's all take a moment and marvel at the fact that in the new techno-horror flick "Unfriended," the found footage-esque visual gimmick not only works, but it's the best part of the movie. The result isn't much for scares, but it is scarily entertaining.


Indie horror hit "It Follows" creepily chronicles the terror of growing up

Published April 13, 2015

For 100 minutes, writer-director David Robert Mitchell's breakout indie horror flick "It Follows" manages to maintain a continuous feeling of impending, skin-shivering dread. The smart, suspenseful result is the best kind of nightmare, one from which you want to wake up but are too eerily entranced to actually do anything about it.


"As Above, So Below" is a found footage thriller best left buried

Published Aug. 31, 2014

That's it. I've had it. I've had enough. Game over, man, game over. Sure, there was a time when found footage was a fun novelty, back in the original days of "Cloverfield" and the first couple of "Paranormal Activity" films. But now, movies like "As Above, So Below" just show what a waste the gimmick truly is.


A horror director and a high school student team up for Collaborative Cinema

Published May 15, 2013

Michael Viers is a horror movie junkie, but his upcoming project, "Love You Still," is less boogeyman and more "Old Man and the Sea." The most shocking part, however, is that the story - a tale of an old fisherman reflecting back on his life - comes courtesy of a junior in high school. It may seem like a strange combination, but for Milwaukee Film and their Collaborative Cinema educational program, it's just another exciting year of locally-bred film and hopefully a sign of more to come.

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