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Skylight's "Tosca" provides a brilliant evening of operatic storytelling

Published Sept. 26, 2015

A poor painter in love with a beautiful, tempestuous woman. An evil cop and his equally evil henchmen. Jealousy. Betrayal. Invading armies. Escaped prisoners. Death and destruction. If it sounds like the latest and hottest movie or an afternoon soap opera, prepare to be surprised. It's "Tosca," the famed Puccini opera that opened the 2015-16 season for Skylight Music Theatre Friday night. And please, don't let the word "opera" scare you off.


Milwaukee Opera Theatre stages an opera about a monkey

Published Oct. 28, 2014

You want to stage an opera, but you have this commitment to letting new voices and new ideas be heard and seen - even if it means you sometimes have to climb out on that limb while the only thing you hold in your hand is a baby monkey clad in cute little jump suit.


Skylight's "Cinderella" joyously turns a Disney classic on its ear

Published Sept. 20, 2014

In its recent past, the Skylight has moved almost exclusively into the world of musical theater, consistently producing stellar productions of musicals usually familiar to an audience. Friday night's performance of "Cinderella" was a clear indication that under the artistic direction of Viswa Subbaraman, opera is back. Thank God!


"Lumberjacks in Love" falls flat

Published Jan. 26, 2013

"Lumberjacks in Love" gives us stereotypes of the men who cut the trees. They drink. They sleep. Occasionally they take a little bit of a bath. Some dream of women. Some dream of blue soap, some dream of spitting tobacco. There is almost nothing unique about these characters. Although there are a few laughs, jokes about body parts and gender bending and semi-risque positions between two men, they grow tiresome after awhile.

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