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Doors Open Milwaukee in March: Feasting on thick, juicy in-depth tours

Published March 31, 2015

Occasionally I like to compare the two main components of attending Doors Open Milwaukee to food, probably because I like both almost equally. Sometimes when you are on the go, something light and quick is just what you are looking for. But what about those times when you want to slow down, relax and take in something with a little more substance? This is where the second component of Doors Open comes into play: the in-depth tour.


"Shear Madness" is nothing but sheer joy for McGivern and company

Published Oct. 12, 2014

There's this thing about cheap jokes: They can either be just cheap jokes, or they can be incredibly funny cheap jokes. And it's the incredibly funny kind that fill the two-plus hours of "Shear Madness," what may well be the longest running non-musical play in history.


Simple charms shine bright in "A Kodachrome Christmas"

Published Dec. 13, 2012

Cable access channels are pretty much the same, but if you channel surf enough you might get lucky and stumble across Earlene Hoople, the Queen of Rural Media. Earlene is Milwaukee's own John McGivern who, with Pat Hazell, created "A Kodachrome Christmas" as a gift of laughter for all of Milwaukee.


Another Christmas with John McGivern

Published Nov. 25, 2011

The icons of Christmas in modern Milwaukee. Santa. Rudolph. Scrooge. John McGivern. As sure as the days getting shorter and doorbuster sales at the mall, Milwaukee's favorite funny man, McGivern, pops up in some kind of Christmas production every year. This season it is the one-man show "A Kodachrome Christmas" in Vogel Hall at the Marcus Center.

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