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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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"Draft Day" is a nice football movie for people who don't like football

Published April 11, 2014

"Draft Day" is an ad, less for the NFL Draft - though it is conveniently coming up in just a month - and more for the league itself. It's a hopeful attempt to get people to mindlessly consume a sport that's becoming more and more difficult to mindlessly consume. The mildly impressive thing is that, under "Ghostbusters" helmer Ivan Reitman's eye, the light, fluffy football trifle goes down almost as easily as designed.


Super Bowl ads offered a more entertaining show than game

Published Feb. 3, 2014

It is always fun to talk about media with others working in the industry. I had the opportunity to talk to other TV professionals as part of a panel discussion on the ads for the Super Bowl with the cast of "Real Milwaukee" on WITI-TV Fox 6.


Super Bowl ads will fuel water cooler talk

Published Jan. 29, 2014

The advertisements themselves have gone from just being a launch of an overall campaign to becoming something specifically made for the game itself. More than half of the commercials that will air on Sunday will not be seen again.


Is Russell Wilson really "ours?"

Published Jan. 24, 2014

Russell Wilson will attempt to best Peyton Manning in next Sunday's Super Bowl, and if he does, there will no doubt be joy throughout this great state. After all, Wilson did play for the Wisconsin Badgers for one season. So does that make him "ours?"


Packers and Bears stumble, stagger toward playoffs

Published Dec. 24, 2013

As hard as it might be for any football fan to imagine, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, of all teams, will play for the title in the NFC North Sunday in Chicago. Although we love our Packers and we hate dem Bears, it stretches credulity to think that one of these two teams is going to be a division champion and will host a first-round playoff game.

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