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"Planes: Fire and Rescue" is an improvement, but only technically

Published July 21, 2014

Thankfully, "Fire and Rescue" is a step above its predecessor, if only because the movie was actually made for big screen consumption this time. Gone is the stiff, antiseptic joylessness of the first film, now upgraded to mere bland competence. If "Planes" was like eating cardboard, "Fire and Rescue" is slightly more digestible cardboard. So progress?


Disney's "Planes" never takes off

Published Aug. 11, 2013

Are you tired of animated movies yet this summer? Well, if you weren't already suffering from animated movie exhaustion, here comes Disney's - not Pixar's - "Planes" to finish the job with a supersonic snore. Younger kids may enjoy it, but parents, be warned: This one's more like "Planezzzzz" (I'll be here all week, folks).


Give thanks for these five solid Thanksgiving movies

Published Nov. 22, 2012

Every now and then, a Thanksgiving movie squeezes through all the Christmas films and makes its way into theaters. Here are five Thanksgiving-themed movies that are certainly worthy of giving thanks (and a Netflix rental).


Planes, trains and ice cream trucks: 5 ridiculous vehicle-driven action movies

Published Aug. 22, 2012

Maybe it's because I don't live in a big city like New York, but the "Premium Rush" idea of a lowly bike messenger being so crucial to a story seems pretty goofy. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt thriller seems pretty sane, however, when compared to these five other absurd transportation-based action films.

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