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Recycling cans: worth the effort?

Published Sept. 8, 2012

After 17 months of can collecting,'s Molly Snyder recycled aluminum for the first time at a Walker's Point scrap yard. Here's the low-down on the experience which answers questions like how much does aluminum go for these days and is it really worth the effort?


Golden Eagle Log Homes rethinks its environmental impact

Published April 9, 2010

Golden Eagle Log Homes, a Wisconsin-based family business, was booming, but unfortunately, so was its waste. Recently, the second generation of owners launched a massive recycling initiative to curb the problem.


Oh, Christmas tree. What to do with you?

Published Nov. 21, 2009

While scouring the pages of the December '09 issue of "This Old House" I came across a cool little piece on 10 ways to reuse and / or recycle your Christmas tree once the season ends.

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