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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Sunday, April 20, 2014

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"Dom Hemingway": Jude Law goes from prim, proper to profane, punchy

Published April 19, 2014

Gone is Jude Law's pretty regality; in "Dom Hemingway," the Brit looks rough, and he gleefully tearing into his profane lead role like an untamed wolf that just got its first taste of meat. For Law, it's a chance for him to let loose with a character like never really before. And he most certainly does, with big, audaciously compelling results. The rest of the movie, unfortunately, has a hard time getting on his level, but can you really blame it?


Arnie's comeback turns ugly in "Sabotage"

Published April 15, 2014

"Sabotage" finds Arnold Schwarzenegger briefly pushing his persona in a new direction. It's not simply that the film is unexpectedly more murder mystery than action thriller; "Sabotage" is easily the meanest, most vulgar and most violent movie on Arnold's resume. Credit where credit is due for trying something new, but considering the film's brainlessly scummy ugliness, it qualifies merely as a not-quite-noble failure.


"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" doesn't chill Marvel's hot streak

Published April 4, 2014

It'd be easier to be cynical toward Marvel's current calculated money-printing scheme - especially when they come out saying they already have films planned through 2028 - if only the product, like "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," wasn't so consistently entertaining.


36th Latin American Film Series screens nine movies for free

Published April 3, 2014

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, UWM Union Programming, Union Theatre and The Department of Film present the 36th annual Latin American Film Series, April 4-10, at UWM Union Theatre, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.


Aronofsky breathes new ruah into classic biblical tale of Noah

Published March 31, 2014

When the first trailers began to emerge for "Noah," many worried that it was director Darren Aronofsky making the kind of generic, CG-heavy blockbuster his previous works rebelled against. For the most part, however, "Noah" is not Aronofsky conforming to a studio. It's a studio conforming to Aronofsky, allowing him to make a complex spectacle that asks the kind of questions and brings up the kind of drama most $100 million movies wouldn't dare.

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