By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 25, 2020 at 3:01 PM

With schools closed and public outings minimized, kids are going to have more "free time" on their little hands. And it's important to keep those little hands – and big minds – active, both for their sake and for parents' serenity. 

Thus, here is a list of 100 things to do with kids at home or outdoors (but not in populated spaces) that will hopefully prevent the stir crazies.

  1. Go on a virtual museum tour here
  2. Watch a live stream of the New York Met here
  3. Doodle with Mo Willems here.
  4. Get crafty in the kitchen here
  5. Embark on enrichment activities here
  6. Study up with the Scholastic digital hub here
  7. Take an adventure walk around the backyard or neighborhood
  8. Write haikus
  9. Build paper airplanes
  10. Learn to solve the Rubik's cube via YouTube
  11. Find three objects and learn to juggle
  12. Have a spa day (DIY mani/pedis, face masks, etc.)
  13. Build a fort with pillows and blankets
  14. Do Pinterest projects 
  15. Dress up in old Halloween costumes and make a crazy movie or mini skits
  16. Make a music video
  17. Check out (free site where kids play each other in chess)
  18. Paint a room together 
  19. Video chat with friends 
  20. Walk around the outdoor Lyndon Sculpture Garden for free (while keeping a distance of six feet from others)
  21. Plant seedlings for the summer garden
  22. Do some Mad Libs (Search "free Mad Libs" and print out)
  23. Sing karaoke
  24. Play Milwaukee Monopoly
  25. Learn how to Geocache here
  26. Get the Korg Kaossilator app free for a limited time and create the next electronic music hit
  27. Decorate a cardboard box  to make a fort, rocketship, pirate ship
  28. Dress up as your favorite characters
  29. Create a LEGO city
  30. Make your own crossword puzzle (or sudoku, puzzle, logic problem, etc)
  31. Listen to podcasts
  32. Make your own podcast
  33. Randomly call out countries and then look on a map or globe to see where they are located
  34. Clean your room – including under your bed
  35. Take an online art lesson here
  36. Do chores for neighbors and the elderly  
  37. Put all the toys you don't play with in a box for other kids to enjoy
  38. Create a dance, or watch a music video and learn that dance
  39. Play balloon tennis or any balloon game
  40. Make a mini golf course
  41. Give your stuffed animals a Lysol bath  
  42. Learn about different species of dogs or cats or bugs via Google
  43. Read books out loud to each other
  44. Play 20 questions
  45. Make slime, here's a recipe
  46. Play World Geo Bingo, get it here
  47. Have a family meeting and make a list of places you want to travel together – near and far – in the future
  48. Create a scavenger hunt either indoors or out
  49. Write a letter to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend
  50. Make fortune tellers here
  51. Learn kid-friendly Spanish for free here
  52. Rearrange your bedrooms
  53. Play Hangman
  54. Learn to make balloon animals with this kit
  55. Find all the change in the house, count it and decide where to donate it
  56. Take a bubble bath or an "art bath" with shaving cream and bath crayons, etc.
  57. Learn a classic card game: solitaire, crazy 8s, slap jack, etc.
  58. Pretend the living room floor is lava
  59. Have a family poetry reading
  60. Go to a beach, collect a few rocks and paint them
  61. Study the phases of the moon here
  62. Have a jumping jacks contest
  63. Make a list of your favorite movies and then Google each one to find out something interesting you didn't know about it
  64. Call a friend on the phone (rather than connect on social media)
  65. Learn how to hand sew
  66. Play duck, duck, goose
  67. Lay down a clean sheet in an open room, set a popcorn popper on top of it without a lid and pop the corn (parents must be present)
  68. Blow bubbles
  69. Make zines with a single sheet of paper here
  70. Learn simple origami here
  71. Walk around the block backwards
  72. Tell stories about happy family memories
  73. Kids and parents take turns introducing each other to their favorite songs
  74. Learn cat's cradle here
  75. Make Kool- Aid play-doh with this recipe
  76. Visit for more serious learning experiences
  77. Do a jigsaw puzzle 
  78. Play Bananagrams or Boggle, both with educational qualities
  79. Get a magnifying glass and go on a hike here
  80. Teach kids domestic chores like laundry and dish washing
  81. Practice the lost art of cursive writing here
  82. Do yoga for kids here
  83. Pick one of the planets and find out 10 facts about it, then draw it
  84. Dye Easter eggs 
  85. Watch a show on National Geographic
  86. Play school or bookstore
  87. Write raps and then perform them
  88. Look up knock-knock jokes online
  89. Read about the politician you want to vote for 
  90. Read about the politician you don't want to vote for
  91. Take artsy photos on your phone around the topic "Favorite things in my home"
  92. Organize closets or junk drawers
  93. Go to and "try on" wild-looking glasses just for fun
  94. Do trust falls (adults must be present!)
  95. Make your own comic book
  96. Make a collage out of books, magazine, catalogs, recycled paper items, etc.
  97. Do as many sit ups as you can, followed by as many push-ups as possible
  98. Have a "dusting" party with loud music and finally dust all those places that never get dusted
  99. Learn the moonwalk here
  100. Mix kitchen liquids together and play alchemist (parents must be present!)
  101. Be bored – it leads to doing cool things we'd never think of otherwise