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Here at OnMilwaukee, whenever we publish a story, we tag it with related keywords. These could be people’s names, types of businesses, events, genres, classifications, ongoing series, neighborhoods, etc. We then take those tags and gather them together in a section with every story that is similarly tagged.

Now you can view these sections; all you have to do is think of your favorite keywords.

As an example, you can view some of our most popular sections by going to on/dining, on/bars, on/movies, and on/history. Those are pretty big, general interest keywords, but you can also go super niche, too. Try, for instance, on/board games, on/custard, or on/dive bars.

There are three ways to use on/:

Search box

On any device, in the search box, type your keyword and in the dropdown select "Go to section."

Search on/

Story tags

You can get to any section by clicking any of the tags associated with the story.

Click any tag to get to a section

Address bar

If you want to go directly there from the URL address bar, just type onmilwaukee.com/on/ and add your keyword to the end.

Click the URL bar and add on/

Search for stories about your favorite local company (on/miller brewing, perhaps?), see what's up with your latest sports team (on/bucks, maybe?) or find out who's coming back to the big gig (on/summerfest). You can even bookmark these sections for easier access later.

Try anything; your keyword creativity is the limit.

Popular on/ sections include:

Current events

Drinking and dining

Ongoing series

Arts & Entertainment