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New exhibit showcases the history of Milwaukee

New exhibit showcases the history of Milwaukee's music scene

It's no secret that here at Radio Milwaukee we love Milwaukee music, but what is 'Milwaukee music?' From polka and folk songs to punk and hip-hop, music has been important to our city from it's inception - leaving us with a rich history that paints the picture, or the sounds, of our past. New exhibit showcases the history of Milwaukee's music scene appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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Women's March on Madison Organized by UWM Student

  The day after the 2016 presidential election, Chelsea Miller started looking for flights to Washington D.C. Not for the inauguration, but instead to attend a march of comparable size that was already in the works for the next day. "I felt compelled to do something. I was researching for three days, I was so [...] The post Women's March on Madison Organized by UWM Student appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Check out ZipMKE
With the help of local photographers, friends and strangers, Dominic Inouye collected 920 photographs from Milwaukee's 28 zip codes, some of which will be on display this Saturday during Gallery Day at the Central Library.
Progress on Maison
Remodeling is in progress at Maison, the new French restaurant moving into the Washington Heights neighborhood . And according to owner and Chef Michael Quinn, work is on schedule for an opening in late January or early February.
Gilles' gets a makeover
When Gilles announced renovations last spring to Milwaukee's oldest surviving custard stand at 7515 W. Bluemound Rd. - and still one of the city's beloved favorites - you didn't have to worry about losing access to Gilliecookies or Those Things.
Bye Bye Brett
Dave Begel has maintained a Bro-mance with brett Favre forever and has resisted all claims that Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in Packer history. Until now. After the display at the Palace in Dallas it is now time to put the crown on Rodgers' head.