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1 p.m. at Washington High School, 2525 N. Sherman Blvd.
10 a.m. at Off I-94 at the Illinois/Wisconsin State Border

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HNDRXX Is Future

HNDRXX Is Future's Best Album

In April 2012, rapper Future released the single "Turn On the Lights," an atmospheric, Mike-Will-Made-It produced love song.  Throughout the track, we hear Future mumble over Mike-Will's trademark 808 drums and synthetic blips about his quest for his dream girl, with lyrics like "Turn on the lights / I'm looking for her too / I [...] The post HNDRXX Is Future's Best Album appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee Brewfest
Milwaukee hosts a beer festival on the lakefront that promises craft brew with a picturesque view. Milwaukee Brewfest is Saturday, July 29, featuring unlimited samplings from more than 100 breweries, and the 2017 edition will celebrate the city's proud brewing history.
Former fireboat station
Considering how much waterfront Milwaukee has - between the lake, the rivers and the canals - it makes perfect sense that there's a history of fireboats here. MFD's last fireboat station is now for sale. We went inside to take a look.
Lunch challenge
Fast, cheap and good. It really can be done at this pizza-by-the-slice place on Old World 3rd Street.
Downtown food truck guide
The trickiest part of grabbing your meal from a food truck is determining where you're going to find one. Fortunately, we've got your number. This guide is tailor-made to be your go-to for where to find great food trucks in Downtown Milwaukee any day of the week.