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A firehouse that's more than a firehouse

At the turn of the 20th century, a section of Milwaukee's north side was once an independent village. Known as "North Milwaukee," it has its own government and schools, collected it's own taxes and was not affiliated with the larger city to its south. But in 1929 after a popular vote, North Milwaukee was annexed to the City of Milwaukee.  It gained full city services, including public works and water service, while still maintaining a sense of its own... A firehouse that's more than a firehouse appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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A firehouse that

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Looking back at Dahmer
It's been more than 25 years since Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes were exposed. Anne E. Schwartz was a part-time crime reporter when she was assigned to cover the case, about which she also wrote a book. Here is her look back at Milwaukee's crime of the century.
Riverwest rock climbing
Looks like there is a bouldering gym opening in the disused old bakery on Center and Holton (2678 North Holton St). It is currently under construction, with no official opening date announced.
David Magnasco
There's no shortage of articles and television shows that showcase the dishes that chefs love to cook at their restaurants. But, what do they love to eat at the end of their exhausting 16-hour days? Or on their days off?
Green garden plan
While some in Milwaukee are thinking about the long-range outlook for the future of the Milwaukee Public Museum and its home at 800 W. Wells St., the museum is partnering with The Green Team of Wisconsin to revitalize its Wells Street entrance.