By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 19, 2001 at 4:12 AM

A real Milwaukeean never forgets.

As our city continues to grow and emerge, the memories of the past are always with us. Our first list of "100 Milwaukee Memories" has been a huge hit. And thanks to our crack staff and many of your submissions, is proud to present part two, "100 More Milwaukee Memories." Please enjoy!

  1. The Milwaukee Does Female Basketball Team
  2. The Marquette Warriors
  3. Barnaby's pizza
  4. Roller skating at Pius grade school on 76th St.
  5. When you could throw peanut shells on the ground at The Ground Round
  6. Hot 102
  7. Barney Pip
  8. Bud Lea
  9. The Red Baron arcade at Mayfair
  10. Bubba the Love Sponge
  11. Carl Zimmerman
  12. Zayre's
  13. Dialing for Dollars
  14. Double features at The Grand Theater
  15. Dan Patrick on Lazer 103
  16. Mike Hegan
  17. The smell of Ambrosia chocolate downtown
  18. The C-Club
  19. Papagaio's
  20. Tequila Willy's
  21. Bogie's and Club Marilyn
  22. The Cabbage Patch Kid drop at County Stadium
  23. When Al's burnt down on Happy Days
  24. "Who do you know wants to buy a car?"
  25. Wauwatosa Realty
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  27. Chuck Salituro
  28. Alex Thien
  29. Allis Chalmers
  30. Art Muscle Magazine
  31. "From the shores of Michigan I can watch her grow again, see her touch the sky ... touch the sky. Where the rivers flow to, where the sunset goes to, we're all good neighbors passing by. Makes no difference where I go, you're the best hometown I know. Hello Milwaukee, Hello Milwaukee, Channel 12 loves you."
  32. Moon Fun Shop
  33. The old Toy's Restaurant
  34. Uncle Hugo
  35. Mac the Mailman
  36. Schuster's Christmas Parade
  37. Kookie Cookie House
  38. Lionel Aldridge
  39. Jack Baker
  40. Merl Duesing Safari
  41. "Meet me at the Fountain at Summerfest"
  42. Arlan's Department Stores
  43. Rams Head Bar
  44. Woolworth's
  45. Ben Franklin
  46. Atlantic Mills Stores
  47. Billie the Brownie
  48. The filming of "Major League" and "Dillinger"
  49. Drive-in Theaters
  50. Mitchell Park toboggan slide
  51. When Channel 6 and Channel 12 swapped networks
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  53. The Booze Brothers
  54. Tom Copa
  55. Billy's Old Mill
  56. Bermuda's, Park Avenue and Nitro
  57. Excalibur
  58. The Bucks at the Arena (11,052 attendance)
  59. Wally Rank
  60. The Puzzle Box stores at Grand Avenue and Bayshore
  61. Guardian Angels
  62. First Wisconsin
  63. The two fisted slobberer on the old County Stadium scoreboard
  64. The Colony Shop
  65. Burger Chef
  66. The Red Barn
  67. Captain's Steak Joint
  68. Naked beer slides at the 'Lanche on Marquette's campus
  69. Grebe's Bakery at 11th and Wisconsin
  70. Mad Man Michaels a.k.a. The Czarnina Kid
  71. Sid Stone
  72. Heinemann's on Milwaukee Street
  73. Ald. Bob Anderson
  74. Lew Alcinder
  75. Farmer Vic
  76. WLPX's Rock and Roll Airforce (we still have our pin)
  77. The talking reindeer at Mayfair Mall during Christmas
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  79. ICEEs at Woolworth's in Brookfield Square
  80. The Jabberwocky
  81. Record Riots at State Fair Park
  82. When you could feed marshmallows to the polar bears at the Zoo
  83. T.A. Chapman's
  84. Irv the Working Man's Friend on Mitchell St.
  85. Merle Harmon's Fan Fair
  86. Ben Barkin
  87. WKTI's TailGator
  88. Potato Brothers Store
  89. Da Crusher
  90. The streetcar ride to County Stadium over Miller Valley
  91. Victor Berger's The Milwaukee Leader (Socialist newspaper)
  92. Father Groppi
  93. Blue River Cafe
  94. When it was illegal to sell margarine and Coors in Wisconsin
  95. The riots of July 1967
  96. The "blue flu" in the police department
  97. Greg Gratz's mole
  98. Mayor Maier
  99. Foreman Tom B-Square Ranch Club
  100. Ione Quinby Griggs' column in the Green Sheet
  101. Willy Wampum
  102. The old Boulevard Inn
  103. Photo nights at Bucks games

We hope you enjoy this installment. Click here to read the first 100 memories. Click here to read the third 100 memories.