By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 26, 2006 at 5:40 AM

In a city of a half million or so people, there are hundreds of movers and shakers who make Milwaukee tick. Some are politicians, philanthropists or executives. Others are musicians, artist or activists. Whatever they put on their business cards each contributes to Milwaukee in their own special way -- and you'll be better off adding them to your list of acquaintances.

We've now introduced you to 100 Milwaukee you need to know, parts one and two. Here are our final 100 (for now), listed in alphabetical order. Feel free to list your own selections using the Talkback feature below.

  1. Boi-Yeanoh Adams, New Hope Child Development Center, Inc.
  2. Josh Adams, Mindpool Productions.
  3. Lee Barczak, owner of the yet-unopened Avalon Theater.
  4. Jeff, Jim and Jean Bartolotta, royal family of Milwaukee fireworks.
  5. Dan Bishop, photographer.
  6. Jon Coleman, UWM men's soccer coach.
  7. Sherre Dallas Branch, deputy secretary, Wisconsin Dept. of Tourism.
  8. DJ Brooks, drummer (New Sense) and restaurateur (Good Life).
  9. Valois Bunch, film promotions manager, Marcus Theatres.
  10. John Calarco, drummer for Daryl Stuermer, Willy Porter and others.
  11. John M. Cary, executive director, MACC Fund.
  12. Kyle Cherek, man about town.
  13. John Chisholm, Milwaukee County assistant district attorney.
  14. Faithe Colas, publisher, Milwaukee Courier.
  15. Frank Cumberbatch, senior staff for the Mayor.
  16. Dave & Carole, WKLH morning show hosts.
  17. DJ Rock Dee, hip-hop promoter.
  18. Pete Djilas, owner of Una Lounge.
  19. Claude Dorsey, granddaddy of Milwaukee jazz piano.
  20. Susan Dragisic, president, United Way of Greater Milwaukee.
  21. Bill Dredge, owner of Mequon's Sportscar Services.
  22. Dan Duchaine, co-owner of Rush Mor Records.
  23. Don Ellingsen and Tim Brady, EBA advertising.
  24. Beth Fetterley, Director of Education, Urban Ecology Center.
  25. Dominic Frinzi, opera expert, Italian cavaliere, National Italian American Bar Association president.
  26. Joshua L. Gimbel, attorney at Michael Best & Friedrich.
  27. Tom Green, Elvis impersonator
  28. Jane Hamilton, Racine-based author.
  29. Michael F. Hart, criminal defense attorney.
  30. Stacy Hasan, owner Ja' Stacy.
  31. Anne Hérisson-Leplae, executive director, Alliance Francaise de Milwaukee.
  32. Joe Hite, keyboard player for "The Boogiemen."
  33. Ralph Hollmon, Milwaukee Urban League.
  34. Ellen Homb, designer, owner e & company.
  35. Reed Kailing, former member of Badfinger and the Grass Roots and "Paul McCartney" in Broadway's "Beatlemania."
  36. Mark Kass, editor, The Business Journal.
  37. Joe Katz, owner of the Highbury Pub.
  38. Scott Kindness, Workshop Architects.
  39. Anna Baxter Kirk, marketing consultant, creator of LaunchAngel.
  40. Mike and Andrew Kosinski, owners of Bay View Bowl.
  41. Don Krause, Art Bar owner and artist.
  42. Mike Jakubowski, PA announcer for Marquette men's hoops.
  43. Brian Lammi, sports agent, Lammi Sports Marketing.
  44. Chris Leffler, owner Leff's Lucky Town Tavern.
  45. Jimbo Linneman, owner of Linneman's Riverwest Inn.
  46. Dick Luening, mechanic extraordinaire and owner of MG Limited.
  47. Sarah Maio, director of marketing, MSO.
  48. Andrew Martin and the rest of the Good Luck Joes.
  49. Paul Mathews, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.
  50. Jennifer Mattes, We Energies.
  51. Amelia McCarthy, owner Milwaukee Momentum.
  52. Tim McLean, head chef, Eagan's.
  53. John McGivern, actor and comedian.
  54. Tony Migliaccio, Brewers clubhouse manager.
  55. Brian Miller, sound guy for the Femmes and the Miller Lite Pavilion.
  56. Corey Miller, media advocacy, American Cancer Society.
  57. Jeanette Mitchelle, Cardinal Stritch.
  58. Reggie Moore, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Urban Underground.
  59. Jennifer Morales, MPS school board member.
  60. Gene Mueller, WKTI morning DJ.
  61. Bjorn Nasett, Beauty.
  62. Dan Needles, Channel 12 sports and ESPN Radio's "D-List."
  63. Reginald Newson, MUL Young Professionals President.
  64. Chef John Oakland, caterer and owner of Racine's Red Onion Café.
  65. Mike Palmisano, Italian Community Center president.
  66. Jason Parry, WUWM.
  67. June Perry, co-founded New Concept Development Center Inc.
  68. Katie Peschel, YPM membership manager.
  69. George Petak, lobbyist and Miller Park savior.
  70. Kris Radish, Wisconsin-based author.
  71. Gerald Rappaport, Wyhndam Hotel.
  72. The Rhythm Chicken (real name withheld), punk drummer and performing bunny.
  73. Don Rosette, WMCS-AM 860.
  74. Rick Schlesigner, Brewers executive VP.
  75. Rick Schmidt, restaurant consultant and brother R.C. Schmidt (Water Street Brewery, Turner's).
  76. Jeremy Shamrowicz and Jesse Meyer, Flux Design.
  77. Mike Shank, "musician" featured in "American Movie."
  78. John Sidoff, owner, Hooligan's.
  79. John Sieger, songwriter and musician (R&B Cadets, Semi-Twang, etc.).
  80. Paula Simon, Milwaukee Jewish Council.
  81. Brian "Biggie" Small, club DJ.
  82. Steve Smith, Flannery's and McGillicuddy's.
  83. Kent Sommerfeld, producer and engineer of Brewers radio games.
  84. Joe and Angie Sorge, Swig, Sauce, Terrace Bar, Water Buffalo.
  85. Linda Stewart, CEO, North Milwaukee State Bank.
  86. Daryl Stuermer, musician (Phil Collins, Genesis, Jean-Luc Ponty, etc.).
  87. Marc Tasman, performance artist and Chocolate Jesus.
  88. Molly Tennessen, owner, Broad Vocabulary.
  89. P. Thomas Thadison III, MilwaukeeBlackOnline.
  90. Keith Tozer, coach of the Milwaukee Wave.
  91. David Vartanian, Violent Femmes producer, engineer of records by Jerry Harrison, Crash Test Dummies and others.
  92. Tom Vaughan, wine expert and former owner of Downer Wine and Spirits.
  93. Ernesto and Heriberto Villareal, owners of El Rey markets.
  94. Ashley Voss, Covenant Healthcare, YPM creative council.
  95. Xeno, of Bad Boy and Cheap Trick fame.
  96. Bob Watt, poet and East Side icon.
  97. Tim Wegner, golf course superintendent, Brown Deer Golf Course.
  98. Carrie Wendt, news director 102.9 The Hog.
  99. William Wentlandt, Milwaukee fire chief.
  100. Tom Wilson, designer.