By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 26, 2010 at 3:05 PM

It didn't really have a catchy name (zeroes? oughts? ohs?), but the first decade of the 21st century ushered in some interesting developments for Milwaukee like the Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Milwaukee Public Market, Miller Park and the Harley-Davidson Museum.

The first month of a new decade is a perfect time to contemplate some of the things we'd like to see happen during the "teen" years. We came up with a list of 100 (in no particular order). Some are general. Some are specific. Some are serious. Some are lighthearted. Some are downright snarky. But, it was fun to focus on the kind of Milwaukee we want to see take shape in the next decade.

Do you agree with our "2020 vision?" Do you have your own ideas? Use the Talkback feature to let us know.

  1. A newly-constructed building rivals the beautiful Calatrava and City Hall for prime position on city postcards
  2. Milwaukee unveils a new brewery museum
  3. High-speed trains link Milwaukee to Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis
  4. Park East corridor becomes bustling retail, residential center
  5. Milwaukee becomes a global hub for fresh water
  6. Free Wi-Fi broadcasts everywhere
  7. A new arena replaces the Bradley Center and fosters development Downtown
  8. A revived Maritime Days returns to the Lakefront
  9. Radiohead headlines the Marcus Amphitheater during Summerfest
  10. Modern transit options abound in Downtown Milwaukee
  11. More dog parks appear
  12. Milwaukee hosts a Final Four at Miller Park
  13. A bronze Laverne and Shirley statue on the Riverwalk (Lenny and Squiggy optional)
  14. The Brewers defeat the Cubs in the National League Championship Series
  15. IKEA opens a store in greater Milwaukee
  16. Marquette wins the 2017 NCAA Championship (on the 40th anniversary of the '77 squad)
  17. Usinger's unveils a scrumptious, calorie-free bratwurst
  18. A long-term contract extension keeps Prince Fielder in Milwaukee
  19. Zoo Interchange is revamped under budget, with minimal hassles
  20. hosts a presidential debate in 2012, '16 or '20 in Milwaukee
  21. The Violent Femmes reunite and release an outstanding new CD
  22. Milwaukee experiences a sharp drop in teen pregnancy rates
  23. Reform at Milwaukee Public Schools raises test scores and increases the graduation rate
  24. Nordstrom becomes an anchor store at Bayshore Town Center
  25. A return of Summerfest's Encore bookends the new unnamed modern rock festival
  26. The Packers win the Super Bowl
  27. A locally-produced movie debuts at Milwaukee Film, takes Sundance by storm and wins an Oscar
  28. Another Milwaukeean makes it to the finals of "American Idol"
  29. A cleaner Milwaukee River becomes a point of pride here
  30. The State Fair grounds get a major facelift
  31. A return by PGA Tour to Brown Deer Park with an annual stop during a desirable weekend
  32. Development along North Avenue brightens Bronzeville
  33. A grocery store comes to the eight-acre vacant lot at 1st and Greenfield
  34. The Shops at Grand Avenue get another anchor store ... one that brings in customers
  35. A local band lands a song in a movie or a TV show, propelling the group to national stardom
  36. The Brewers win the World Series (beating the Yankees, of course)
  37. A national beer festival in Milwaukee showcases great local craft brews
  38. UWM and Marquette restore football programs
  39. The Avalon Theater finally reopens
  40. MACC Fund goes out of business because childhood cancer is cured
  41. WTMJ's Jonathan Green retires
  42. The Admirals win Calder Cup
  43. A biofuel plant opens on Jones Island
  44. The return of a Memorial Day staple -- the Walker's Point block party
  45. A ban on single-use plastic bags in all grocery stores passes
  46. A full revitalization restores Downer Avenue's prestige
  47. Citizen King reunites
  48. WTMJ-TV ditches the schlock and returns to its roots in responsible journalism
  49. A Thai restaurant opens in Bay View
  50. Target locates a store Downtown
  51. A golf course opens in the Menomonee Valley
  52. Trader Joe's opens another location
  53. "The Bowling Game" returns to local TV
  54. Development at Tower Automotive site
  55. The Brewery (former Pabst City) complex is finished
  56. A revived Grand Theater reopens on Wisconsin Avenue
  57. More carriers alight at Mitchell International
  58. Summerfest expands year 'round use of the grounds
  59. Emerald Ash borer stays away from Milwaukee
  60. Another casio opens (preferably Downtown)
  61. Bar time and take-out liquor times get extended
  62. Two words: Medicinal marijuana
  63. Wisconsin allows same-sex marriage
  64. Violent Femmes reach the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  65. More rooftops converted to farms
  66. More Zip cars allow Milwaukeeans to cut carbon emissions
  67. More bike lanes achieve the same result
  68. A solution is found to save or destroy the Hoan Bridge
  69. Packers finally beat Favre (if he plays again)
  70. A great plan is unveiled for the Prospect Mall site
  71. Mr. Perkins Family Restaurant continues to serve Milwaukee diners
  72. The Great Circus Parade returns as an annual event
  73. City and County merge and collaborate, cutting costs
  74. Continued preservation of the park systems
  75. Milwaukee TV stations back off the blizzard mania
  76. The city starts plowing alleys
  77. Perfect cellphone coverage in the city -- no dropouts anywhere
  78. More local voices appear on local radio
  79. Bowling sees a national resurgence
  80. UWM becomes major research university
  81. Baseball installs salary cap so Brewers can keep their stars
  82. Bud Selig retires; new commissioner keeps office in Milwaukee
  83. More taxi cabs (that you can hail)
  84. Bob Uecker finishes decade as Brewers announcer
  85. A freeway connection links I-43 and I-45 north
  86. An MLS team lands in Milwaukee ... with a new outdoor stadium
  87. Herb Kohl finds a local buyer for the Bucks
  88. Harley-Davidson builds a hybrid
  89. More concerts staged at Miller Park
  90. U2 headlines Harley's 110th anniversary celebration
  91. More indoor exercise/play options for kids east of Highway 100
  92. Lake Michigan stays free of Asian carp
  93. More convention business arrives
  94. Racial barriers are broken down
  95. Water taxis set sail on the river
  96. Pizza Man is reborn
  97. Milwaukee's performing arts and fashion scenes enjoy continued success
  98. Wells Street converts to two-way traffic
  99. More innovative lighting like at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
  100. Carry-ins return to Jazz in the Park