By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jan 02, 2008 at 5:29 AM
You already know we love Milwaukee, but that's not to say it couldn't be better. It's that time when people make their New Year's resolutions, and we've gathered 100 ideas and wishes, some big and some small, on how to make Milwaukee even more great.
  1. A cut in violent crime
  2. Smoke-free bars
  3. Or, even better, a city-wide smoking ban
  4. A Brewers post-season berth
  5. Another year of Brett Favre
  6. An end to the Marquette Interchange construction
  7. Better snow plowing
  8. A tenant for Pabst City
  9. Two way streets Downtown
  10. Miller to not move to Denver
  11. Midwest Airlines staying aggressive as a private company
  12. No more Dirty Dining scare tactics
  13. A Common Council without scandal
  14. Build a tasteful Fonzie
  15. Or build no Fonz at all
  16. New police chief continues on legacy built by Hegerty
  17. Summerfest getting bolder with Amphitheater acts
  18. Make commuter rail a reality
  19. A year without a raise in the tax rate or assessments
  20. A professional outdoor soccer team
  21. And a stadium for it to play in
  22. Park East Development west of the river
  23. Fewer sewage dumps into the lake
  24. Less segregation keeping Milwaukeeans apart
  25. Better schools for our kids
  26. More Gousha
  27. A moratorium on Irish pubs
  28. A continued condo and retail boom Downtown and in the surrounding neighborhoods
  29. Improve the city's carbon footprint
  30. More growth on Vliet Street
  31. A ban on plastic bags in grocery and drug stores
  32. More bike lanes
  33. And bike racks on buses, too
  34. City-wide Wi-Fi
  35. Increased support of unique, local businesses
  36. An indoor play gym for kids that's in the city
  37. A freeze on iconic businesses shutting down, like Bryant's and Goldmann's
  38. Another dog park or two
  39. Another successful business in Riverwest (Alterra is great, but how ‘bout one more?!)
  40. More films shot in Brew City
  41. More community gardens
  42. Less car vandalism
  43. New releases from lots of great Milwaukee bands
  44. Another Trader Joe's
  45. Fewer parking tickets issued
  46. More activities at Discovery World for younger kids
  47. A healthier Lake Michigan
  48. Development of the Prospect Mall building
  49. More dollars for the Wisconsin Humane Society
  50. A truce between Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie and Gordon Gano
  51. The NFL Network on local cable
  52. The Big Ten network on local cable
  53. Money to maintain the county parks
  54. A Springsteen date at Summerfest
  55. Successful openings for the Sugar Maple and Café Centraal in Bay View
  56. A reality show for guitar wizard Greg Koch
  57. New restaurants downtown that aren't steakhouses
  58. A cool tenant for the remodeled building at 770 N. Jefferson (kitty corner from The Pfister)
  59. Marquette's Dominic James returns for his senior season
  60. A Calder Cup title (and sellout crowds) for the Admirals
  61. Smoke detectors for all city homes
  62. A movie theater downtown
  63. An Ikea store somewhere within a 30-minute drive of downtown
  64. Temperatures of 75 degrees for the Brewers' home opener
  65. A championship ring for Bob Uecker
  66. Dry weather for RiverSplash!
  67. The return of Whitney Gould's architecture column
  68. Progress on plans to renovate or replace the Bradley Center
  69. Better test scores at MPS
  70. No reports of voter fraud in the presidential election
  71. A Tiger Woods return to the US Bank Classic (but Steve Stricker, Jerry Kelly and Skip Kendall finish 1-2-3)
  72. A new radio home for Robb Edwards
  73. Sunny, dry weather for Harley's 105th
  74. Bobblehead giveaways featuring Jeff Cirillo and Jim Powell
  75. A shooting guard (and team tranquility) for UWM coach Rob Jeter
  76. Cool weather and calm winds for the Lakefront Marathon
  77. A Niketown store adjacent to Grand Avenue mall
  78. More "pizza by the slice" shops throughout the city
  79. Bumper crops and brisk sales at the farmer's markets
  80. An increase in business at Milwaukee Public Market
  81. Long-term contract extensions for Prince Fielder, J.J. Hardy and Ryan Braun
  82. A gold watch for Jonathan Green
  83. Downtown gas stations
  84. A highway that connects I-43 and I-45 north from Grafton to Jackson
  85. A challenger to Tom Barrett
  86. More sidewalk dining
  87. More breakfast options in Downtown Milwaukee
  88. More defense from the Milwaukee Bucks
  89. Better music at our local sporting events (ban "YMCA")
  90. A female or two or three elected to the Milwaukee Common Council
  91. A Flat Top Grill anywhere in Milwaukee
  92. A new city flag (Have you seen our current one? Yikes!)
  93. Continued housing growth in the Downtown neighborhoods
  94. A Kopp's in Downtown Milwaukee
  95. A Target, too!
  96. Some type of redevelopment, anything, at the old Grand Theatre on Wisconsin Avenue
  97. A cleaner Milwaukee River
  98. True competition in the cable industry
  99. An on-time and extravagant opening for the Harley Davidson Museum
  100. Never to again hear the phrase, "Milwaukee has an inferiority complex"