By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 23, 2009 at 4:29 PM

In these tough economic times, people are cutting back left and right, looking for areas to scrimp and save. Five-course meals are giving way to super value meals, and at home, name-brand groceries are being replaced by generics.

But for beer drinkers, replacing your Berghoff with "The Beast" may not be such a great value proposition. Unless your idea of a good beer is anything warm and foamy, served in a plastic cup at frat party, you simply won't stand for bad beer -- recession or otherwise.

Fortunately, our own state produces a number of good, value-driven beers. And even if the "champagne of beers" is no Dom Perignon, it'll get the job done at a tasty price.

Here's a list of 10 totally drinkable locally-owned, brewed and/or inspired Wisconsin beers that won't break the bank, including the price for a case of 24 (or for some, two 12-packs) at Avenue Wine & Liquors, 4075 S. Howell Ave.

If you don't agree with our alphabetized list, add your own selections using the Talkback feature below:

Blatz Light (MillerCoors via Pabst, Milwaukee): $10.19

Hamm's (MillerCoors, Milwaukee): $10.69

Huber Bock (Joseph Huber Brewing Company/ Minhas Craft Brewery of Monroe and Alberta, Canada): $18.38

La Crosse Lager (City Brewing Company, La Crosse): $12.19 (30-pack)

Leinenkugel's Original (Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, Chippewa Falls): $13.19

Mickey's Malt Liquor (MillerCoors, Milwaukee): $17.59

Miller High Life (MillerCoors, Milwaukee): $14.79

Pabst Blue Ribbon (MillerCoors via Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee): $14.99

Point Special (Stevens Point Brewery, Stevens Point): $13.99

Schlitz (Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company via Pabst, Milwaukee and Chicago): $17.29