By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Mar 15, 2013 at 3:05 PM

In terms of traditional media, the Internet was called the greatest frontier. Not limited by the strength of a signal coming from a transmitter, those who produce content online have the chance to reach anyone with a connection around the world.

However, we are creatures of habit. Beyond making the shift to different devices, we tend to stay close to things close to home. Online, geography continues to bind us to issues that affect our community, and in turn we build loyalties to people who deliver information that affects us.

"We actually do it on multiple levels," said Matt Brusky, the deputy director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, and host of the Battleground Wisconsin Podcast. "We are able to take a collective stock on what happened and it is an important discipline for us. We need to get better at communicating."

The weekly panel progressive chat is aimed at the politically active, and Brusky and his frequent participants are able to hash out what has happened in the state, as well as reflect on the current talking points for ongoing issues.

"It’s a huge effort to put this on" Brusky said of the program that started in June 2011. "We need to make efforts to try to expand it."

The world of podcasting works well when programs are able to super serve a niche. Like traditional signals, reach and frequency are in play. But podcasts can also supplement programming that may be sparse on traditional channels.

Conservative talk formats are paramount to the ratings success of two AM stations in the market, and with the recent change of format at WMCS-AM 1290, more progressive topics now tend to only find a home on Sherwin Hughes’s show on WNOV-AM 860 and to a lesser extent, public radio outlets when it covers political issues.

"We’re not filling that gap," Brusky said. "… and the balance has gotten worse with the loss of 1290." But Brusky did say that while he has no illusions to the tremendous gap there is in the radio market, the podcast’s 86 programs and counting have gained traction with listeners as it covers various issues and works with partnering programs.

With 40-50 guests from small non-profits and different political voices he and previous hosts and panelists have had the opportunity to share a particular view, and with editing help from musician Brian Wooldridge, able to serve part of the community.

GREATER INSIGHT: Milwaukee Public Television will be re-airing a documentary hosted by Mark Siegrist, to tie into the recent election of Pope Francis, a Jesuit cardinal from Argentina.

"The Milwaukee Jesuits" will run Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on MPTV-TV Ch. 36.1. The half-hour program traces the history and mission of the Jesuit religious order, and its ongoing social impact on Milwaukee.

DRUGS, GAMBLING AND SEX: In multiple reports today, Fox Business Network is focusing on businesses surrounding various vices. From alcohol to gambling to adult entertainment, reporters will be interviewing stakeholders and executives in various industries. Through the rest of the afternoon, Liz Claman will be reporting from the Penthouse 3D Studios in Los Angeles and Gerri Willis is reporting from the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City.

Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist

Media is bombarding us everywhere.

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