By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Dec 25, 2012 at 12:58 PM

If you lived in the state of Wisconsin in 2012, and listened to the radio or watched TV, you know who said, "You’re Damn Right!"

"We had one mom call in and tell us every time her 2-year-old daughter heard the commercial, she’d repeat it," said Jon Adler, who with his morning show co-host Brian Kramp, asked people to call in and do their best Tammy Baldwin impression on the Kramp and Adler show on WLUM-FM, FM 102.1.

The quote was used in an attack ad against Wisconsin's newest U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. The ads with the quote were in heavy rotation when she ran against former Gov. Tommy Thompson in the November general election.

"We had people on both sides calling in, giving their best," Kramp said.

The pair are known for their original radio bits, and the Tammy Baldwin impressions quickly became a favorite, even growing to a popular ringtone that made its way onto more than a few cell phones in the market.

Now, "You’re Damn Right!" is the name of the first limited run CD produced by the pair and is available for purchase at Exclusive Company stores in Milwaukee, Greenfield and West Bend for $10.

The proceeds from the album go to the This Time Tomorrow Foundation, which was created my musicians to help families and organizations focused on cancer research, education or advocacy. You can find out more about the work they do here.

The CD includes bits from the morning show, interviews with celebrities like Jack Black, segments with WITI-TV Fox 6’s Brad Hicks and other snippets and tributes.

"It’s a pretty good representation of what we do on the show," Kramp said of what people will find on the CD. And if you are a fan of the duo’s "Craigslist Missed Connections," or "Who’s More Sheboygan?" you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll find in the 19 tracks.

Also, something pretty unique about what’s on the CD and what the two put on the air is the number of original songs they have recorded in the past seven years. Being influenced by the news of the day, they have plenty of material to work from.

As Kramp and Adler continue their craft to delight and entertain the listeners in southeastern Wisconsin, their work on a CD like this and what gets posted on their website can bring in a larger audience. I give them huge kudos for coming up with original bits and not following the formulas seen in morning radio. And, that is something that is not common in today’s radio industry.

SPECIAL BONUS: Consider it a Christmas gift, send me an email at and I’ll send you the "You’re Damn Right!" ringtone that Kramp and Adler shared with me.

ON THE CASE: If you are a fan of "Justified" on FX, you can get your DVR’s set up to record next week. The show starring Timothy Olyphant returns on Jan. 8, with "U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens opening a cold case 30 years old and unraveling a riddle that echoes back to his boyhood," according to a release from Sony.

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