By JC Poppe Special to Published Oct 01, 2011 at 12:39 PM

I've said it before and I will now say it again, Milwaukee's electronic music scene could possibly be the best and most flavorful slice of the Milwaukee music pie.

Recently adoptahighway and Dolor decided to release a joint project called "Reshaped Escape" via Bandcamp and on cassette (how novel!) that features a single by each artist and then a remix of that song by the other artist.

The project was released through Wednesday Sound and here's what they officially have to say about the awesome EP.

"The first collaborative effort on the Wednesday Sound label between electronic music producers adoptahighway and Dolor, "Reshaped Escape" showcases each artist's unique approach to original electronic composition, as well as remixing an existing tune. The title of this split release comes from a combination of the underlying meanings of each artist's original track, but develops on its own to be an expression of using various methods, ideas and thoughts to exit a particular state of mind."

To me, this is perfect fall music that one can put on in their MP3 player or car to enjoy while sipping hot apple cider from Alterra and enjoying the changing leaves and other fall colors.

You can stream "Reshaped Escape" for free and grab the project for a small fee right here

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