By JC Poppe Special to Published Feb 22, 2012 at 12:56 PM

Combining a fantastic hip-hop song with a funny video sequence isn't anything new or necessarily groundbreaking, but there's just something about those two things together that almost always guarantees a huge laugh.

Think of all those classic scenes in the movie "Office Space" and how different they'd have been had the Geto Boys not been the soundtrack to the film's shenanigans.

It is in this vein of thought that has brought together Funny or Die director Jack Packard and hip-hop duo Logic & Raze for a video paying homage to something that only a Wisconsinite would come up with – bowling tricks performed on snow and ice.

Packard's "Ice Cold Bowling Trick Shots" and Logic & Raze's "HIGH" make for a perfect pairing throughout the video and the trick shots really are quite amazing.

One of the funnier sections is when they break two bowling balls while attempting one trick. I wonder, how many bowling balls did the Almost Twins duo (director Jack and brother/actor Nick Packard) go through while filming the scenes?

Tons of Milwaukee landmarks are strewn throughout the video and they even got some shots on the Admiral's ice with their mascot Roscoe.

With over 30,000 views in the last 24 hours and a current rating of 84 percent "Funny," is this the next viral video that will help give Milwaukee and Wisconsin a little extra bump in the category of "Cool?" No pun intended.

Check it out here, and in the spirit of Funny or Die, is it funny or should it die?

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