By JC Poppe Special to Published Aug 17, 2011 at 2:20 PM

Producer Mark V. has been a busy guy. He's been putting out a beat tape each month for the last several months. But what makes this month special is that he's also released a tribute to the late and great J Dilla called "Do'h! Nuts! (A Dedication To J Dilla)."

Mark explains his reinterpretation of Dilla's "Donuts" on his Bandcamp page.

"This beat tape was done in dedication to J-Dilla. I've had the utmost pride and honor in utilizing the same samples he used in his iconic 'Donuts' album and re-creating them with my own spin. Some of the most popular beats from 'Donuts' I've kept mostly intact with maybe just different sample layers or chops.

"Please feel free to download the album at absolutely no cost whatsoever, show a friend, appreciate the music, and more importantly ... Know where the inspiration came from with all of this ... and even more importantly, go buy the Donuts album if you haven't. Enjoy ... and thank you very much with everything for your time and for the listen."

Both of his new projects, "August" and "Do'h! Nuts! (A Dedication To J Dilla)" are available for free download on his Bandcamp page.

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