By JC Poppe Special to Published Oct 25, 2011 at 2:24 PM

The world of music moves at a pretty rapid pace.

Sometimes I'm able to catch and write about everything that I'd like to, in a timely manner. Other times, I'm just flooded with new music and it seems that my list of what to write about never stops growing.

Today, I'm going to clear my queue to make room for the beginning of a new list.

Of course, I prefer to give people individual attention with my posts, but these different slices of the musical pizza pie have been sitting on my "shelf" for a little while and it's just time to get them off of it.

If you haven't heard by now, Dana Coppafeel and Reason have a group called Know Flight Zone. They recently put out a new music video for "It's Our Year" that was filmed during a performance at The Rave.

Producer Mark V. has hooked up with The Mad Bloggers to create a beat tape inspired by Donny Hathaway called "A Beat For You [The Donny Hathaway Beat Tape]."

Here is the introductory cut from the beat tape:

Producer and rapper duo known as Amerikas Addiction has released a new track called "I'm Cheating On You."

Here's what they had to say about the very downtrodden and emotionally fatigued new track:

"I'm Cheating On You" is a song inspired by true events in the lives of Amerikas Addiction. This song was also inspired by our addicts. The song is about giving up on love, despite how much you actually love that person. We decided to put it in song form for you all to hear. It is a bit different from our original music, but then again, we view music as an emotion or an emotional expression. The truth is, a person can be having a beautiful day, then a phone call or text or seeing something can completely alter that mood. This is how we approach recording our songs. We are not after making a 'hit' or copying something that we heard. This song took about two hours to record. The instrumental was made on the spot as the lyrics were being written. All instrumentation is played out and not a sample. We hope to inspire others to express themselves in artistic ways and to do what they desire in their lives. Every experience can be a learning one or a devastating one, we just hope we all learn from our mistakes.

Dana Showgunna, a.k.a. Bandana, is also a producer and has released a new beat tape called "Got Damn Write" under the name Regular Joe Productions and you can stream it here.

Well there you have it. My queue is clear.


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