By JC Poppe Special to Published Feb 10, 2012 at 12:12 PM

Every week or two a new Gerald Walker track hits the internet.

Recently Walker has taken some time to feature on other artists' music; case in point, Scolla's "The Jones," also featuring Phil Ade.

Produced by Jerry Parker, the crossover hip-hop/R&B track discusses the pluses and minuses of having to juggle a plethora of attention from the opposite sex.

Head over to The Source to check it out.

The next track is from his forthcoming "Believers Never Die" mixtape that's being presented by DJ Skee and Datpiff.

"Girl, Oh No He Didn't" is produced by Sledgren and on the new track Walker lets you know what he is and what he isn't.

My favorite line of the track is "Mr. Walker picked up where Charles Hamilton f*cked up at."

Indeed, Gerald. Indeed.

Travel over to XXL to hear this new track. 

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