By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Dec 15, 2014 at 3:08 PM

As the holidays tend to take us away from the TV screen, the major networks put regular series on pause. It means that most serial programs will end with a mid-season finale and come back in the new year with more episodes in spring.

This break also allows networks – Fox, CW, ABC, CBS, NBC and some cable outlets – to reset the weekly schedules with mid-season replacements for canceled shows or just to try something new.

One of the most anticipated replacement schedule shows is "Marvel’s Agent Carter," which fills the holiday season gap for "Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on ABC.

In the comic book universe, dedicated websites have been filled with chatter about the program, which is set back to just after World War II. In 1946 Peggy Carter is moving on after the loss of Captain America Steve Rogers in a plane crash in the arctic. Actress Haley Atwell as Carter played a large role for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) in the first "Captain America: The First Avenger" and now finds herself being marginalized in the TV show after the men are returning from the war. Now she balances her administrative duties while going undercover for missions from Howard Stark, the father of modern day’s Iron Man Tony Stark.

In a genre known for having well developed male characters, it is wonderful to see a primetime series with the potential of having one of the best, strongest and smartest women in the make-believe world come to life. Throw in the spy thriller world that "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" only encroached upon, and "Agent Carter" has all the makings for one of the best replacement shows on the schedule.

"Mike and Molly" on CBS is also scheduled to return to the air, taking a canceled program’s open time slot. The show started its new season run last week, when Molly returned from her writing workshop. The comedy that now airs at 7:30 p.m. on Monday nights promises to be a strong contender as the best replacement show of the season.

The title could be unfair as the show has a pretty solid following in the first place. But, you have to give credit to CBS for trying to put something new on the schedule to give other programs a chance to work.

CLELBRATION: WISN-TV Ch. 12’s annual holiday special "12’s Season To Celebrate" will air at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night.

I have to admit, I always enjoy it when we get to see local anchors outside the normal element and present programs from some of the greatest gems in our community. Based on the show’s success over the years, I have a feeling that a lot of viewers feel the same way.

News anchors Kathy Mykleby and Craig McKee will host the one-hour primetime special, which will feature various locations throughout the area with some great musical performances. The show also includes some of the stories behind local landmarks.

From Catalano Square in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, Mykleby and McKee will take viewers on a trip to the newly reclaimed Pabst Brewery development, where Sally Severson and Mike Anderson present a performance of "This Christmas" from singer-songwriter Mario Brown.

This year’s show includes music by "The Meladies," Marquette University’s premiere female a cappella choir. Morning anchor Patrick Paolantonio will present the Bel Canto Boys Choir and 12 News’ "UpFront" host Mike Gousha chimes in with the story behind the Marquette University Carillon, "a local treasure that rings out holiday cheer in great measure."

In a recent visit to New York City, Mykleby discovers a Milwaukee native who designs the most beautiful holiday windows in the world. Anchors Toya Washington and Joyce Garbaciak put a little country in Christmas with Cedarburg native and emerging artist, Josh Thompson. They will also introduce viewers to The Mantz Brothers, Jordan and Holdan, who grew up near West Bend. From the historic Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford, the brothers deliver a high energy, honky-tonk version of Winter Wonderland.

Honoring WISN-TV’s 60th anniversary, weekend anchors Toni Valliere and Thema Ponton sit down with the family of Howard and Rosemary Gernette, the long-time "At Twelve" and "Dialing for Dollars" hosts.

McKee will take viewers back in time with the "Radio Rosies" at the Rotunda in Waukesha for a 1940's style salute to those who are serving our country. And, meteorologist Mark Baden is up to his old tricks with a game of "Holiday Hide and Seek." He’ll provide clues along the way to his secret hideout, giving the viewers the chance to figure it out.

Encores of "12’s Season To Celebrate" will air on Christmas Eve at 11 p.m., and New Years’ Eve at 10:30 p.m.

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