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It was a great run this season. However, in the post-season, the pitching just did not show up. All year, winning all those games came down to a lack of big games from the Brewers' starting pitchers. You can not blame it on the hitting; the defense was not great, but it came down to pitching.

Shaun Marcum not lasting more than one inning set the tone for the whole game, and it turned into a home run derby. The poor pitching performance was somewhat predictable as Marcum had done nothing this post season to validate the faith his manager had in him. Narveson who came in afterward did not fair much better.

All said and done, the Brewers had no one. Well, you could argue that they could have pitched Gallardo on short rest. Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke was quoted as saying that Gallardo would be unavailable – I would have to think that was his call. I know Gallardo; he is a bulldog. I get the move but I hate to leave a fight that I lost with a bullet still in the chamber.

Edwin Jackson also did his fare share of batting practice, letting the Brewers back in the game and not stepping on the Brewers' throats when they were down. I feel Jackson would be a great sign for the Brewers as he is a free agent at the end of the season.

Still having problems communicating

As I stated in my last blog when Marcum pitched, he and Lucroy had issues with getting on the same page. This game Lucroy has his fingernails painted white (a normal thing catchers do), something he didn't do last time. This is to help the pitcher see the signs better. This time out Marcum still had to shake to get to the pitch he wanted and most of the time he was shaking to an off-speed pitch. As stated before, when you're making a pitch even or behind in the count you want to not have to shake to an off-speed pitch. Doing so gives the hitter a heads up on what might be coming.

Pujols calling time out to let Prince have a few more seconds of cheering was very classy. This is what St. Louis portrays itself to be all about. Starting pitcher Garcia doing the "beast mode" to the Milwaukee Brewers fans was very childish and not classy.

Prince has left the building

All Fielder has done is hit the cover off the ball in his time with Milwaukee. Fans may always have a chip on their shoulder if (and when) he leaves. I wish it wasn't going to be that way. He gave everything to the Brewers, played to win, played well. It is a business, folks. The Brewers get rid of players all the time, this is just part of the game.

Do not get caught with your zipper down

I have a thing that I do while I am on the mound, I always check my zipper. This guy should have done the same.

So what do you do know? I know there is no joy in Brewville and I do know how much losing sucks but winning 96 games and getting rid of Ken Macha is a good season. Even though Prince will be gone next year there are some interesting things the Brewers can do to make things interesting. Check out my next blog to see what! That is the best thing about baseball – there is always a wait and excitement for next year!

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