By Press Release Submitted to Published Jun 15, 2020 at 2:06 PM

The following is a statement from Ald. José Pérez:

"This morning, I introduced, for immediate adoption, a resolution directing the City's Budget Director to develop a model 2021 budget that reduces the Milwaukee Police Department’s budget by 10 percent. I am proud to be joined by 10 of my colleagues in sponsoring this resolution.

"Our citizens have been marching in the streets for the past several weeks demanding change. They deserve to be heard. If adopted, this proposal will begin a community discussion of how we could make that change. Although the Common Council does not set police policies and procedures, it can urge police reform and community reinvestment through the budget process. This proposal will not decrease the 2021 budget for the Milwaukee Police Department, only the 2021 budget, adopted in November, can do that.

"The Common Council receives the budget in late September. We then have one month to make changes to a document appropriating over a billion dollars, with thousands of lines. It is time to consider the impact a change in the MPD budget could have. This must be done far enough in advance so that these proposals can help inform the creation of the Mayor’s 2021 Proposed Executive Budget. It is time for the Common Council to be proactive in the budget process. We can no longer afford to be reactive.

"Thirty days from now, I expect to see the model 2021 budget include real, manageable budget changes that can be reinvested to meet the demands of our neighborhoods."