By Dave Mikolajek Special to Published Jun 22, 2012 at 2:15 PM

My neighbor Ron told me that one of the cats from '70s country rock group America have a house here near Eagle, and I said, "Sweet, I've dominated a couple dives up there!"

Thursday night America played to a sold-out crowd at The Pabst Theater. Former BoDeans front man, Sammy Llanas, opened. I was unaware of Sammy opening up, and it turned out to be a more than fantastic surprise. Simply put, he stole the show playing some old Bodeans songs as well as some from his most recent solo project, "4 a.m."

America came out strong, performing their classic (and my all time favorite) song, "Tin Man" with perfect harmonies. It was followed by their very commercially successful "You Can Do Magic," and the amazing "Ventura Highway."

But then, for the next 45 minutes or so they busted out some new stuff and covers, including one by Crosby Stills and Nash, and I began to yawn.

So, I took a break, went to the bathroom, grabbed a cocktail, and chatted with my friend Marc in the lobby for a bit. I then went back in for the remainder of the show, which did eventually pick itself up a little. However, by then, it was just a tad too late for me.

I'll have to give America another chance next time they roll into town, because I still love and very much appreciate their music.

Dave Mikolajek Special to
Dave Mikolajek is a longtime Milwaukee bartender and loyal reader.