By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Mar 26, 2014 at 3:06 PM Photography: Steve Kabelowsky

Angelica Duria credits being in the right place at the right time for most of her professional career track. But to make it in this unforgiving industry the right set of broadcasting chops has to shine when the opportunity presents itself.

Duria loves her role as co-host on WITI-TV Fox 6's "Real Milwaukee," a mid-morning, community-based show.

"I think now there is one of us for each age group and that perspective makes for a great show," Duria said about finding her place among the other hosts of Cassandra McShepard, Nicole Koglin and Rob Haswell.

But sitting at the table and chatting about the stories of the day isn’t where the University of Illinois graduate started. Duria practiced the craft on a wide range of assignments with a two-year contract with an ABC affiliate in Arkansas.

"I think it was market No. 100, which for a first job, is not too bad," Duria said of the job in Bentonville. "I covered ice storms and a lot of stories on Walmart with its headquarters there."

At the end of her contract, she started looking around, and came aware of Fox 6 and landed a reporting job. Shortly after arriving in Milwaukee the morning news reporter job was available and she filled in. The timing was good, and soon she found herself part of the "Wake Up" regular weekday team.

"Then came the blizzard," Duria told me as we were chatting in the main open lobby area at the station.

She was referring to a time that a clip of her reporting for "Real Milwaukee" made the national cable news outlets.

"It was a long day, a long shift reporting out there live in the snow for Wake Up," she said. "Then they (the producers) asked us to stay out there longer, to do more reporting on the snow for ‘Real Milwaukee.’"

Her reporting was as honest as it was brutal. The weather "sucked here." And that’s what she said on the air.

"Now CNN usually records our feed," Duria said. "This day it was the same. And I get a call from Jeanne Moos."

Moos is a national correspondent for CNN who handles reporting on some of the lighter fare on CNN. She is known for her award-winning delivery, highlighting some of each day's quirkier stories.

"I was told that they were doing more of a general story on what reporters and anchors say on the air sometimes and that they wanted to talk with me," she said.

You can see Moos’ reporting here:

To Duria’s credit, she was embarrassed by how honest she was with the reporting. But on the set of "Real Milwaukee," her colleagues applauded her comments, and most of the viewers agreed.

As the station moved Katrina Cravy to the afternoon "Studio A" with Ted Perry, WITI looked to Duria to play a greater role on "Real Milwaukee."

"It really comes down to I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time," she told me about the moves she has been able to make in these early years of her career.

It’s one thing to get the opportunity, but it takes an insight into broadcasting and skills in journalism to maintain and grow when in a role – whether it is reporting live during a snowstorm or hosting segments on a community-based talk show.

Duria may have been in the right places at the right times, but she has shined in the roles that have come her way. You can see that for yourself every weekday morning on Fox 6.

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