By Velia Tarnoff Special to Published May 23, 2007 at 8:36 AM

Why be cooped up in a stuffy, sweaty gym all summer when you can get outside with your awesome, athletic new best friend?  Bailey’s a 1-year-old, small German Shepherd mix, and he’s a superstar at the park.  Frisbee, catch with a tennis ball, maybe even a swim -- you name it, he’s up for it.

Bailey definitely needs a guardian who is willing to spend some time teaching him some cool, new tricks.  He has a ton of energy, a goofy disposition and a bright mind.  He’s probably not the best match for a family with little kids because of his energy level, but he’d be great with a young couple, an active single person or even a family with kids who are old enough – and big enough – to avoid being knocked over!

Bailey has the potential to be a little naughty without exercise or a job, but his attitude and aptitude for learning are phenomenal.  And once you tucker him out with activity, he’d be happy to snuggle with you on the couch for movie night.  Plus, he has quite possibly the best smile in the known world. and his love for life is contagious.  

Velia Tarnoff Special to

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