By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Apr 24, 2020 at 4:36 PM

The venues from the Bars and Recreation group – owners of AXE MKE, NorthSouth Club, Splash Studio and Nine Below – are all about bringing people together for fun activities and good drinks, a goal that's gotten a lot harder in the midst of an outbreak. But not an impossible task, apparently, as Bars and Recreation introduces its latest, and pandemic-approved, group activity outlet: Head Space Trivia.

Beginning today, Head Space Trivia is a new digital platform that hosts games, questions and puzzles for groups from five to fifty people, offering the competitive group fun of pub trivia even while the actual pubs and bars are closed for the time being.

Public round games cost $9 per head space – or small video cube that each team occupies on the virtual video board – with no limit to the amount of players allowed in each head space, meaning trivia players can play solo or in a group against strangers. There's even prizes, with the winner of each round earning free future game vouchers.

However, for those who want to keep the competition within the family or just between friends or work colleagues, there is a private game option, which feature closed off group games complete with their own live trivia host and bonus elements like customized questions. Private games cost $6-13 per head space. 

"Our core business is providing activities for friends, family, and colleagues to play together, so this is a natural extension of our brand," said Marla Poytinger, owner of Bars and Recreation, in a release. "We believe Head Space Trivia has a place in the entertainment market beyond COVID-19, but it’s certainly perfect for the current situation."

Public trivia rounds beginning tonight at 7 p.m., so to reserve yourself a spot in the games, visit Head Space Trivia's website or call (414) 939-8837 to make a reservation. And to book your own private game for a group, visit the website or email Bars and Recreation at 

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