By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Aug 24, 2010 at 9:06 AM

Bartender Ryan Alby can't remember how long he has worked at Redroom Cocktail Lounge, 1875 N. Humboldt Ave., but he knows he has been there every Thursday and Friday night for at least a year, possibly two.

When Alby's away from the cozy lounge, he's in the band We Are Your Father or manning the door at The Jazz Estate, 2423 N. Murray Ave.

Recently, we pulled up a bar stool early on a Friday night and chatted with Alby. What's your favorite drink to make?

Ryan Alby: Probably "The Panty Dropper." It's made with Van Gogh acai-blueberry vodka, cranberry juice, Patron Citronge -- that's a fancy triple sec -- and a little bit of Red Bull. You can do anything with flavored vodka.

OMC: What's the best thing about your job?

RA: I get to talk to a bunch of different people. My friends get to drink with me. I get to show people what I'm passionate about: beer, music and fun.

OMC: What's the worst pick-up line you've heard?

RA: People say stupid sh*t all the time. I'm amazed by it, actually. But the worst I heard is, "Do you want to see a magic trick? I can make my (slang for male reproductive organ) disappear." OK, I might have said that on the first night I worked here.

OMC: What's the toughest part of your job?

RA: I see the worst side of people sometimes.

OMC: Have you ever cleaned up puke?

RA: Nope. I've had to dodge it before, but I never had to clean it up.

OMC: You know any bar tricks, other than the magic trick you referenced earlier?

RA: I can make a bar crab that dances. Jessica (Zierten) from Art Bar taught me this. You take a lemon, put a napkin on top of it, twist the ends of the napkin and then roll it around. See, it "dances." (Demonstrates trick.)

OMC: Amazing. So what kind of music does your band play?

RA: Stoner rock.

OMC: What do you play?

RA: I play bass and I sing.

OMC: Hey, me too! (High five.) So, what do you think about Milwaukee?

RA: I'm from a small town, Waterford. I really like it here. Sure, people drink too much here and it's littered with douchebags, but it's genuine.

OMC: What's great about Redroom compared to other bars in Milwaukee?

RA: One of the ways we really excel is with our beers. We have a great selection of micro beers and it always changes.

OMC: What makes a good bartender?

RA: Personality, sense of humor, genuine concern for the patrons.

OMC: How do you feel about the smoking ban?

RA: I smoke, but I'm pro smoking ban. My clothes and hair smell a lot better after work. I hate taking a shower the next day. The smell of smoky hair -- when you're in the shower -- is nauseating. It forces me to relive the debauchery.

OMC: What's a fair tip?

RA: A smile is a fair tip.

OMC: Do you like working Thursday or Friday nights better?

RA: It all depends on which night ends in a dance party.

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