By Drew Olson Special to Published Feb 25, 2010 at 2:16 PM

The action has started at Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix. Brewers pitchers and catchers have begun formal workouts, many position players are doing drills and the first full-squad workout is slated for Saturday.

Baseball season is drawing closer ... but, we are still several weeks from opening day.

What's a fan in Wisconsin to do?

I suggest cracking open a bag of peanuts and a cold beverage and popping in a baseball movie.

Here is a list of some of my favorites. Feel free to add yours.

"Bull Durham" -- Every team needs a Crash Davis.

"Eight Men Out" -- Good baseball scenes and some courtroom drama as well.

"Bad News Bears" -- It's got to be the original version. Tanner Boyle is one of my all-time favorite characters. Walter Matthau is incredible, too. Decades later, it still stands up as a sociological statement on overbearing little league parents.

"Major League" -- I don't buy the part about players spending spring training in a barracks, but how can you not like Wild Thing, Willie Mays Hays, Harry Doyle and County Stadium?

"The Natural" -- Parts of it may be syrupy and I'm not thrilled with the Max Mercy character, but that winning homer still gets me.

"A League of their Own" -- Tom Hanks is hilarious. Geena Davis never looked better. Someday, I hope to sign an autograph and write "Avoid the clap."

"61*" -- Billy Crystal does a good job detailing the home run chase between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.

"Field of Dreams" -- A lot of people list this as their favorite movie -- baseball or otherwise. I'm not in that camp.

"The Sandlot" -- Kids love it, but it's more than a kids movie.

"Bang the Drum Slowly" -- Baseball's version of "Brian's Song." Have the Kleenex handy.

"Fever Pitch" -- I'd have liked it more if the Red Sox had lost. But, you can't mess with history.

"The Rookie" -- Predictable sports film, but still well done.

"Little Big League" -- Kid inherits team (sadly, it's the Twins) and makes himself the manager. It has its moments.

"Mr. 3000" -- Worth watching mostly because it was filmed at Miller Park and features the Brewers.

"Damn Yankees" -- Probably more entertaining on stage, but Tab Hunter looks like a movie star.

"Angels in the Outfield" -- I'm not a Tony Danza fan, but this is one of my 9-year-old's all-time favorites.

"Summer Catch" -- Jessica Biel is the only redeeming feature about this flick.

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