By Katie Klein Special to Published Feb 28, 2012 at 2:39 PM

This is an open letter to all businesses (restaurants, retail shops, etc.) in the Milwaukee area that provide a restroom for their patrons. Clean them. Frequently.

Lately I've noticed a really disturbing trend occurring at the places that I've visited – whether it be for a bite to eat, a few cocktails or at a shop to pick up some new threads – the bathrooms are disgusting.

I'd love to go into detail about the nasty findings I've come across when using a restroom, but I'll spare you the details and I'll let you use your imagination, because frankly I'm confident your imagination is spot on.

Businesses spend much time perfecting their entrances, their main floor or dining area, but seem to fade when it comes to regularly keeping check on their lavatories. Those areas are vital to making a first impression and creating repeat customers. What about the bathrooms?

Because of the law, signs are posted that remind employees to wash their hands before returning to work, but what about reminding employees to check up on the toilets? I realize there are places which have "cleaning schedules" posted on the inside of the doors that are supposed to be initialed by
employees each time the bathroom is checked – I can't help but think employees are taking the easy way out and not doing a thorough cleaning.

I get it. No one likes to clean up barf, "leftovers" chilling on a toilet seat or the remnants of a bathroom stall trash bin, but let me remind you: no one likes to wipe up after the last person (or people) that used the toilet before us. Should the people who funk up the toilet clean up after themselves? Hell yes they should, but we all know in a majority of the cases, that's too much to ask.

Of course I only know what's going on in the ladies room but based on my experiences, I'm not confident the men's rooms are any better. Maybe I just have really bad luck with bathrooms, who knows.

It's still early in 2012, can businesses please resolve to keep their restrooms clean so patrons don't need to feel like they have to hop into a shower to sanitize themselves? That'd be much appreciated.

Katie Klein Special to

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