By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Jul 08, 2008 at 5:15 AM

This is a Brett Favre "True or False" test. Use a No. 2 pencil to circle the correct answer and keep your eyes on your own paper.



1. Brett Favre is a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers is. True or false?

2. Brett Favre obviously has the itch to return to the playing field. True or false?

3. The Green Bay Packers have a much better chance of getting to the Super Bowl next season with Brett Favre than with Aaron Rodgers. True or false?

4. We wish Brett would just tell us what he really thinks instead of having to play all these games with some reporter in Mississippi and various family members and friends. True or false?

5. Contrary to what some "experts" say, Brett Favre, his brother Scott and his agent Bus Cook do not love the media spotlight. True or false?

6. As Ron Wolf and Steve "The Homer" True say, it is better to get rid of a guy a year too early than a year too late. But those aren't the only alternatives. You could also get rid of a guy right on time, after he gives you his best and before he starts his decline. Understanding that is the difference between general managers and talk show hosts. True or false?

7. If Brett Favre came back and played for the Vikings or Bears we all may find that famous James Jones Kool-Aid recipe and take a big swig. True or false?

8. If Ted Thompson is to blame for kicking Favre to the curb before his time, he should get on his knees and apologize to Brett, Bonita, Deanna, Brittany, Breleigh, Scott, Bus Cook, the mayors of Hattiesburg, Biloxi and Green Bay and everyone in the world who has at least three degrees of separation from Brett. True or false?

9. Some people say that we might hurt Aaron Rodgers' feelings if Favre came back. But this is a big boy's game, the NFL, and who gives a damn about Aaron Rodgers' feelings. True or false?

10. Brett Favre could make $12 million next year by playing football. He won't make nearly that much doing something else. True or false?

11. Sports talk radio hosts who think Favre should just shut up and go away are showing their ignorance. True or false?

12. We know a couple of things for sure about Aaron Rogers. One is that he gets seriously hurt a lot. The other is that his jumpy footwork makes him a serious candidate to be the next NFL player on "Dancing With The Stars." True or false?

13. Deep down in their souls, people who want the Packers to go to the Super Bowl next year want Favre to come back. This includes Mike McCarthy, Donald Driver, all other receivers, the entire offensive line, all of the defensive and special teams players, two kickers, the practice squad, two coordinators and all assistant coaches, running backs and fullbacks, The Packerderms (cheerleaders), ushers and concession workers, the crazy people who show up to shovel snow off the seats after a storm, everybody who writes or talks into a microphone or camera for a living, people who run convenience stores on I-43 between Milwaukee and Green Bay and Commissioner Roger Goodell. True or false?

14. If the Packers' brain trust remains stubborn and decides that they want the Aaron Rodgers era to begin now and they force Favre to stay retired or trade him or release him, they are stupid. True or false?

1--True; 2--True; 3--True; 4--True; 5--True; 6--True; 7--True; 8--True; 9--True; 10--True; 11--True; 12--True; 13--True; 14--True.

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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