By Dave Begel Contributing Writer Published Aug 01, 2013 at 11:01 AM

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As conventions go, this one isn’t going to set any kind of record numbers. We will measure attendance in the hundreds, not the thousands.

But not many conventions are going to attract the kind of national media attention the National Governors Association conference will when it runs Friday, Aug. 2-Sunday, Aug. 4 in Milwaukee.

The conference is being hosted by our very own Gov. Scott Walker, who is, no doubt, looking at this as one of the early steps in his quest to become president of these here United States. All the big media outlets in this country will be here, and Walker is going to hog his share of the spotlight.

Walker went so far, earlier this week, as to compare his union-busting strategy to that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Scott Kevin Walker doesn’t have quite the same level of gravitas. SKW vs. FDR? Not much of a contest.

But I can understand what Walker is trying to do. Every politician wants to compare himself to someone well-known in the hopes it will attract voters. FDR may not be appropriate, but there are plenty of celebrities Walker could mimic.

Think of it as a call-and-response thing, with Walker standing before a big crowd.

Walker: "I’m just like David Clarke, my friend when I was county executive. We are both tough and fearless."

The crowd: "And crazy."

Walker: "I’m just like Anthony Weiner, and you can’t make me change my mind even with overwhelming public opinion."

The crowd: "We love you, Carmen Dragon."

Walker: "I'm just like Michelle Bachmann. I'm for women. I'm for the Tea Party."

The crowd: "And stupid."

Walker: "I’m like those owners of Alterra, willing to change."

The crowd: "But they’re selling something we want."

Walker: "I’m bi-partisan. I’m friends with and work with Tom Barrett."

The crowd: "Who?"

Walker: "People would be surprised to know I really love unions. I’m just like Jimmy Hoffa.

The crowd: "Dead and missing."

Walker: "I love our lieutenant governor. I’m just like her. Do you know her name?

The crowd: "Hell, no."

Walker: "Neither do I."

Dave Begel Contributing Writer

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