By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 15, 2010 at 4:33 PM

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The key to mixing a great martini is knowing what to leave out. When ordered without directions, the bartender should put in just enough vermouth to barely coat the shaker -- then dump it out. When a customer orders one dry, it's more about the essence of vermouth than including any measurable quantity.

Beyond that, a good martini is determined by the quality of its vodka or gin, what its olives are stuffed with and how cold you can make its big boat of a martini glass. Asking for it "shaken not stirred," makes you more of a James Bond connoisseur and less of a martini maven, since technically, shaking bruises gin (but doesn't harm vodka). readers know that Hi-Hat Lounge, 1701 N. Arlington Pl., takes this same no-nonsense approach to its mixology, and that's why it's a perennial favorite.

And yes, technically a cosmo or chocotini fall into this category, but the only we way we drink 'em is straight-up or a little dirty (if we're feeling a little dirty). editors' choice: Metro Bar

Runners up:

2. Elsa's
3. Metro
4. Eddie Martini's
5. JoJo's
6. Blu
7. Centanni
8. Whiskey Bar
9. Taylors
10. Art Bar
11. Martini Mike's
12. Hi Lo Martini Lounge
13. Eagan's
14. Angelo's
15. Tutto
16. 88 Keys