By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Feb 01, 2017 at 8:03 PM

By now you probably know that Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. And if you don’t, you really don’t waste enough time on social media.

Today’s public announcement from Queen Bey came via an Instagram post which contained a sexy-but-perplexing photo of her obviously pregnant self ensconced in a massive floral arrangement and sporting a brown bra, satiny blue panties and a veil. The post also contained words about how she and hubby Jay Z were "blessed two times over."

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Anyone who’s had ONE baby knows that the first few months of parenting is as fuzzy and unclear as the static between radio stations. Anyone who’s had TWO babies can’t ever find the freaking radio because it’s buried under a heap of matching onesies and nursing pads.

Of course, of course: having twins is an incredible experience. But it's also one that takes twice as much of everything – everything – and if the parents of singletons sometimes wish for an "instruction manual" with directions on how to keep their new human alive, the folks of multiples long for something between a textbook and a tome. Hence, multiple parents chimed in this evening with "twinning" advice for the already-famous bey-bies.

Steve Whitlow became the father of boy / girl twins 17 years ago and later had a third child.

"Beyoncé has one kid and is now having twins. I did mine the opposite way," says Whitlow. "It was much easier dealing with a singleton after twins."

Whitlow’s advice to Beyoncé and Jay Z – as well as any other parents about to have twins – is to first and foremost find out which kid is more intelligent.

"Try and quickly figure out which one is the smarter one and read more books to the other one," he jokes. (Or doesn't joke?)

Elizabeth Moen is the mother of twin sons and rather than advice for Beyoncé, she has requests.

"Please go out in public lots after the twins are born so we can marvel in your post-baby body. If anyone can make ‘I just gave birth to twins" look amazing, you can. Make stretch marks fierce!" says Moen. "Also, share lots of photos of Blue Ivy being a sweet big sister."

Doug Johnson has 6-year-old twins – a boy and a girl – and his advice is simple. "Rule no. 1, buy two of everything. Rule no. 2, see rule no. 1," he says.

Whitlow also discourages twins from being in the same primary classrooms and dressing them alike.

"That one is going to be hard for Queen Bey," says Whitlow. "My advice to anyone looking to expand their family in general is that lemonade not only makes mega hit albums but also appears to increase fertility," says Whitlow.

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