By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published May 03, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Rolling is currently celebrating the "Best of Rock 2011" and Wisconsin's own Justin Vernon of Bon Iver wrote a blurb on the "Best Concert Promoters."

His pick? Matt Beringer and Gary Witt of the The Pabst, Riverside and Turner Hall.

Here's what Vernon wrote:

"Corporate concert promoters are screwed. Not just because their business model is completely un-sexy or un-creative or un-friendly. But because it will die. The whole thing will die. Why? Because there are people like Matt Beringer and Gary Witt at the Pabst in Milwaukee, WI. These guys have three beautiful venues (Riverside Theatre, Pabst Theatre and Turner Hall), and they ask themselves the kinds of questions that will make their business model successful for the next 200 years. These aren't the kind of questions that are only concerned with profit margins alone, but questions that involve actual human kindness. It's things like this that make you realize capitalism doesn't have to equal raping and pillaging! And the American Dream doesn't have to steal from others to succeed."

See it here on the Rolling Stone site.