By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Sep 23, 2014 at 5:36 PM

As much as the process is of getting from point A to point B can be daunting, there is a romanticized feeling that comes with driving across the country.

While on tour this summer and fall, Crystal Bowersox took time to chat while she was on the road last week. The folksy singer with tremendous range was a standout on season nine of "American Idol," and she will perform at the Turner Hall Ballroom at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

"I’m doing it all on this tour," she said, as the wind blew by her window of what seemed to be a larger vehicle. Bowersox was behind the wheel, and between the outside noises of chirps and buzzes, Bowersox said that she’s due for a new van.

She’s calling the shots with her career and where she wants to go. I think she likes it that way.

"When you start out on your own … I know I have to do it all."

Doing it all – from managing the tour dates, getting the logistics and travel taken care of, and performing – it seems like a lot to do. Besides singing, she’s also a parent, and most of us can relate to how big of a wonderful job the latter can be on its own.

Bowersox considers it all to be a part of the journey … including memorable stops in Wisconsin.

"I love playing in places like (Turner Hall) with the great acoustics," she said. "I’ve played in Stoughton before, at the Opera House a long time ago."

Her tour, with 200-300 shows this summer and fall, allowed her to return to Stoughton again. She tries to get back to the remarkable spots as she finds places to play.

"It’s drive all day, and drum all night," Bowersox said.

The singer will be performing an acoustic set, including arrangements of her hits from her first and second album. And, she has new songs to perform with a new EP – "Promises"  that is in the works.

We had a great discussion about the writing process – she said she always has to have pen and paper nearby to jot items down when she’s inspired – and we talked about touring and the music industry.

However, she seemed to light up – almost beaming … if that’s possible on the phone – when we talked about fans, and the incredible impact and connections that can be made.

"At the merchant table, it’s great when the fans tell stories," she said. The singer told me that she is humbled that people take the time to show up to one of her shows. She is so thankful to have made a connection through her music.

"I love to talk to fans one-on-one," Bowersox said. "It is great when they come up to me, and say that they discovered me on their own. And here they are now, coming to one of my shows.

"I’m even more grateful."

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