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It was another interesting weekend in sports, and these are some thoughts conjured while watching what passed for defense in the NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday:

I loved the "Chia Pet" look Marquette coach Buzz Williams sported Saturday in Hartford. Having hair up there might be good luck for his Golden Eagles, who knocked off UConn on the road in a nail biter.

I also dig the casual look on the sidelines. I know it was a one-shot deal, because the sneakers look ridiculous with a suit, but I think Bob Knight and Bob Huggins are on to something. I don't get why a guy running around on the sideline has to be so dapper. And you just know all that perspiration is killing the lining of those fine threads. I vote for nice slacks, shirt and sweater; good bye, tie!

Big East Network analyst Mike Kelley is really good. The former Pius XI and Wisconsin Badgers point guard really stands out when providing color commentary on Big East basketball games. Kelley isn't flashy, and doesn't have any catch-phrases yet, but he sure understands the game and breaks it down so Joe Hardwood sitting at home can understand.

It's Doppelganger Week on Facebook. If you are uninformed, a Doppelganger is a ghostly counterpart of a living person, according to Webster's. In other words, it's a spruced up name for your double or lookalike. With the Brewers in town over the weekend, I'll handle the easy ones. New Brewers pitcher Randy Wolf and former Brewers outfielder Geoff Jenkins. Also, new catcher Greg Zaun looks a little like former Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams. And most of us already knew manager Ken Macha had some Dick Cheney in him, didn't we?

Interesting to see that the Brewers charged $25 for outfielder Ryan Braun's autograph at the On Deck event on Sunday, which happened to be the same amount to get a signature from Hall of Famer Robin Yount. Others in the $25 category were Prince Fielder and Trevor Hoffman. It was a great chance to get former great at current great pricing!

I've really enjoyed all the Brett Favre banter, be it arguing a point on a blog, in the newspapers, on talk radio or even the old fashioned version of face to face. It's good, healthy, clean sports chatter, and even a non-football fan seems to be able to form some kind of an opinion on the diva drama. What I do not enjoy is a rabid Favre fan who tries to "convert" me or anyone else. Take a stand, either way. Hate on Brett. Hate on Ted. Hate on Childress. Hate on Deanna. Just make your point and don't become obsessed with trying to "sign people up" to join you in the "cause."

This new Pro Bowl setup sure is a rip off for the players taking part in the Super Bowl next Sunday. Without question, every member of the Colts and Saints would gladly bail on the All Star event because they have bigger fish to fry. But the Pro Bowl was always a nice "reward" for a season well done, not to mention a free trip to Hawaii to unwind. The Super Bowl Pro Bowlers still get to make the trip to Miami for the game ... in fact; they are REQUIRED to be there. A day earlier than the rest of their teammates arriving for the game that counts. Time for Roger and company to sit down and rethink that NFL rule. Inconvenience Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and others so they can waive to the crowd during introductions? Come on!

Sometimes, numbers do lie. If I told you 18th-ranked Butler missed 10 free throws, got out-rebounded, 40-33, and saw three players foul out against Milwaukee, you would guess the Panthers pulled off the upset. Rob Jeter's crew came close, but pulled up shy in a 73-66 loss on Sunday. Milwaukee missed 13 freebies of its own, including a string of nine straight at one juncture. Those numbers don't lie. They just sting when you're down seven points at the final horn.

UW-Milwaukee's women's basketball squad did more than just wear pink uniforms to show support in the fight against breast cancer. Before a Saturday matinee matchup with Butler, they led Bulldogs head coach Beth Courture out to center court for an honorary jump ball. Courture, a breast cancer survivor, hasn't missed a single day coaching her Butler squad despite several rounds battling off the court. There was also a moment of silence to honor the wife of Panthers athletic director George Koonce, whose wife, Tunisia lost her battle with breast cancer last fall.

The rumor was true. Kansas coach Bill Self was in the stands last week when Menomonee Falls hosted Marquette in a Greater Metro Conference clash. Self had his own roped off area in the north corner of the gym to keep close watch on Falls stud sophomore J.P. Tokoto. Self chatted up hoops with fans, faculty and family members of Tokoto. You know this kid is something special when the top man from an elite program hops on a plane after dispatching Missouri at home the night before. Self had to know that North Carolina's Roy Williams paid a visit to Falls the previous Friday. Just trying to keep pace.

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